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Nyah Nyah

Police in Swansea, Wales, wanted to talk to Matthew Maynard, 24, to question him in a stolen goods case. The local newspaper ran his mug shot to help in the search, but Maynard didn’t much like it — so he sent a better photo of himself, posed next to a police van, to the newspaper. “I will be handing myself in to the police,” Maynard told the paper after it obligingly published the better shot. “But it will not be until after Christmas,” he said, adding he’d send more photos to “taunt police officers further,” the paper reported. Police responded they’d have a Christmas present for him: “full board and lodge at Her Majesty’s Prison.” Sure enough, Maynard was caught shortly after, getting his hair cut at a barber’s shop near a police station. He has already been sentenced to 16 weeks in jail. “With hindsight,” his attorney said, “he acknowledges that he could have dealt with matters in a different way.” (RC/South Wales Evening Post) ...Yeah: next time he’ll send in someone else’s photo.
Original Publication Date: 22 November 2009
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 16.

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