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Oh, Deer

Tadeusz Wyrzykowski, 58, of Bolinas, Calif., says a deer jumped into his fenced yard and “attacked” him. Therefore, he’s suing the California Department of Fish and Game, because it “owns that animal, manages it and is responsible for the diversified use of it.” Wyrzykowski’s handwritten filing is full of “nonsensical, irrelevant non sequiturs” and “legally meaningless and pointless facts,” says Deputy County Counsel Edward Kiernan. Example: “CDFG mismanaged negligently its animal its claims & duties,” Wyrzykowski said. “As a direct result, I suffered trauma, pain and lasting injury, compromising my health till present.” In a separate suit filed previously against the county, he describes himself as an “independent dignity ambassador” and “orator/scholar/artist,” and said officials should be “persecuted” for supporting a culture of corruption and fraud in the tax office, and that they “hippocritically broke the laws they preached.” A judge dismissed the earlier suit. The deer suit is still pending. (MS/Marin Independent Journal) ...The deer is countersuing for putting a fence in his path.
Original Publication Date: 01 July 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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