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Plant Murderer

Police in Bradenton, Fla., pulled over a suspicious vehicle. The driver, Paul Ewing, 35, admitted to officers he was damaging his neighbor’s yard because the neighbor owed him $200. He said he had been tossing water balloons filled with herbicides into the neighbor’s back yard, and he used a water gun filled with herbicides to squirt on plants in the front yard. Damage to the landscape was estimated to be at least $250. Ewing was charged with driving with a suspended license, and criminal mischief with property damage. He posted $500 bail. When police asked why the neighbor owed him $200, Ewing confessed it was for drugs. (RC/Bradenton Herald) ...Live by chemicals, die by chemicals.
Original Publication Date: 31 October 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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