Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
About Your Premium Subscription

(…And weren’t even afraid to ask.)

Note: This FAQ is Premium-specific. There’s a more general FAQ also.

1. When are Premium issues sent? Each new issue is scheduled to come out late each Monday afternoon or evening — pretty much, as soon as it’s ready to go, I send it. My goal is to have it out by 8:00 p.m., Colorado time. Monday is one day after the stories were written, which gives me a chance to get everything else together (author’s notes, the Honorary Unsubscribe, etc.)
2. I didn’t get my issue this week. Is there a place on the web site I can get it? No: if there was, then anyone could get it, not just the people who paid for it. If you haven’t received an issue by Tuesday morning, let me know: More info here. The main reason for missing issues is overzealous spam filters; see the next Question!
3. I suddenly stopped getting issues. Are you on vacation? If I didn’t announce a vacation, no: I’m not on vacation. Even then, I’ve put True out every week, even when I was in rural China and in Eastern Europe! The most likely problem: there’s something at your end stopping delivery — the most likely being an overzealous spam filter. Please see if you can “whitelist” (allow mail from) thisistrue.com, or consider trying another email address, if you have one. Once you get the problem resolved, I’m happy to send you over any issues you missed. Again, see this page for details on how to get them.
4. Did you remove me from the free feed when I upgraded? No! So many Premium subscribers like to also be on the free feed that I don’t second-guess you: I always let you decide whether or not to stay there. If nothing else, that gives you an edition you can forward if you particularly enjoy an issue. Removing yourself from the free feed does not affect your Premium subscription — it’s impossible to accidentally remove yourself from the Premium list: that’s only done manually at my end. The instructions at the bottom of the free feed really are quite foolproof.
5. How do I change my delivery address? There’s a web form for Premium subscriptions only here. (Note: info on free feed address changes and such is here; the procedure is different in large part to ensure you can’t mess up your Premium delivery.)
6. How will I know it’s time to renew? See the footer of any issue: your subscription’s expiration date is shown. It’s smart to renew when you’re feeling flush and getting close, since sometimes renewal notices are spam-filtered. I send a renewal notice 2-3 weeks ahead of your expiration date; if you don’t renew (or tell me you’re not going to), I’ll later send another that lets you know there’s only one issue left. There are also auto-renew options.
7. Will my renewal still be applied correctly if it comes from a different address? But of course! It’s common for people to have a different address for their online purchase activities. That’s why we look up renewals by name. What if your name is Bob Smith? Then we look to match other details, such as street address and, yes, the email address if we must. It’s very rare that we can’t find you! And if we really can’t, we do something truly radical: we simply reply and ask you! So no: don’t worry about this at all.
8. I was busy and let my subscription lapse. Do I select “New” or “Renewal”? It doesn’t really matter, since we check anyway, but I consider it a renewal even if you’ve been lapsed for 10 years (and that has happened!) We automatically send any issues you missed if you were lapsed a month or less. If you were lapsed for more than a month and want to be caught up, I’m happy to do so, but you have to request it — just pop me a note.
9. Premium issues note “Forwarding Prohibited”. Does that mean I can’t share issues with my wife? There indeed is one exception to the no forwarding rule: I have no problem with subscribers sharing with a spouse, so long as he or she knows it can’t be forwarded further. I also have no problem with you reading it to others, such as co-workers, or allowing them to read it over your shoulder. (Naturally, “reading it to others” does not include radio personalities reading it over the air, or reading it in any other public forum.) And that’s literally reading out loud: forwarding issues is only permissible as discussed here (which is linked in every issue: see footer), and I always want it to be the complete issue, never excerpted. Thanks.
10. How about forwarding it to my kids? That’s slipping down a slope, so I’ll say no. Not just because I want to draw a line: sometimes the stories provide a great way to introduce a topic to kids so you can have a good conversation with them. (What would you do if you saw a gun on the table at a friend’s house?) But I’d rather you chose which stories you wanted them to be exposed to, not me. So please: it’s fine for you to read it to them, or to let your children read it off your screen when you’re there, but please don’t forward copies to them. (And if they’re old enough, they should have their own subscription! See the next question.)
11. Do you allow gift subscriptions to the Premium edition? Yes. Please order in your own name, and include the recipient’s name and email address in the comments area. You can do this either using the Paypal buttons or (preferably!) the shopping cart.
12. Can we send suggestions for the Honorary Unsubscribe? Stories? Yes, but the requirements are quite exacting for the Honorary Unsubscribe. See this explanation for details to avoid frustrations. To submit stories, see this page.
13. I have a great photo for “Randy’s Random” or a fun file for you to see or an interesting movie or sound file I just know you’ll love. How can I send it to you? Please don’t! I’m happy for you to send me story leads for use in True (submission info here), but I just do not have the time in my 10×7 work days to review amusements. Besides: I have lots of friends, and they keep me very well informed on the “best” online stuff, so odds are I’ve already seen it. Thanks anyway.
14. You sound very busy. Are you sure you want feedback on True? Yes: that is part of my work. To ensure you don’t waste your time (or mine), please do see if your question is already covered on this site — for example, please don’t send an “error” notice to me without checking the errata page. But comments on stories or other aspects of True? Absolutely, and thanks!