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“I feel terrible that it has taken this turn,” said Broward County (Fla.) Judge John Hurley to the man in front of him. “With a heavy heart, Mr. Abrons, I’m going to order that you be held without bond.” William Abrons, 50, was charged with armed robbery and attempted murder. According to police, Abrons had tried to rob a drug store, and pulled the trigger on his gun several times while pointed at another clerk’s head, but it didn’t fire. In court, the judge recognized Abrons. “Sir, you’re the shoeshine guy in front of the courthouse!” he said. He then added for the record, “I gotta tell you something. I get my shoes shined by Mr. Abrons once a week.” Judge Hurley gave Abrons the option to request a new judge for his trial, in case he felt having the judge know him would impede his getting a fair trial. Abrons said he’d stick with Hurley. (JW/Orlando Sentinel) ...Sure Hurley knows Abrons, but clearly Abrons knows Hurley, too.
Original Publication Date: 22 May 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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