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Right Place, Right Time

A cop sitting in the parking lot of a store in Eagan, Minn., noticed that a man walking by dropped a box of candy. The officer called after the man to tell him he dropped something, but the man didn’t even turn around. Then the officer noticed the man was “straight-legged, shuffling his feet, and not bending his knees,” and that he was struggling to keep his pants from falling down, so he stopped the man to investigate. Sure enough, the man had a plastic-wrapped 19" TV set in his pants, the officer found. Eric Lee King, 21, had allegedly grabbed the TV in the store, shoved it in his drawers, and walked out without paying for it. A search found several other items in his pants: the TV’s remote and power cord, a bottle of brake fluid, and several pills. He was arrested for drug possession and shoplifting. (RC/KTSP Minneapolis) ...Wow, there sure is a lot of room in his pants. Just like his head.
Original Publication Date: 25 March 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.
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