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Seeing Red (Sox)

New Brunswick, N.J., is a suburb of New York City, and Larry Blatterfein wants to name his new sports bar in honor of the city’s imperial ballclub — or more precisely, in dishonor of its rivals, the Boston Red Sox. The proposed name: “Buck Foston’s Road House”. But it seems Mayor James Cahill is a Red Sox fan, and in a federal lawsuit, Blatterfein claims his liquor license is being delayed because the mayor opposes the name as vulgar. “I have not hidden the name of the bar from anyone,” he said, noting the regulatory hoops he’s already jumped. But now that its getting close to opening time, “the mayor suddenly seeks to be the arbiter of free speech,” he says. A mayoral spokesman said the actual holdup was that Blatterfein hadn’t submitted paperwork from the state tax authorities. (AC/Newark Star Ledger) ...Is the mayor bucking the fill of rights, or is Blatterfein simply getting bucked by fureaucracy?
Original Publication Date: 31 July 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.

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