Send Premium Issues to Friends

Now and then I hear from Premium readers that they really wish they could forward a copy of a particular Premium issue to a friend. But since the whole idea of the Premium edition is that it’s only for the people who pay for it, I’ve never thought it was reasonable to allow such forwarding.

A Premium subscriber had an idea: use Paypal to send a small payment for such forwards. Granted! If you’d like to send a Premium issue to a friend, click the button below to do so. (If you don’t have a Paypal account, it allows you to pay with a credit/debit card.)

Let’s call this a contribution in support of the publication. Make it any amount you wish, though a minimum of $1 per copy sent is appreciated. To specify an amount, just change the “quantity” to specify how many dollars after you click the button:

It’s up to you to actually send the issue after you finish here. Please be sure to send the entire issue (not just specific parts) and mention in your introduction that you’re sending it with permission. Thanks for sending a True gift!