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Serving as an Example

Faribah Maradiaga, 19, “blew up out of control” in a class at Bellevue (Wash.) College and stabbed a fellow student in the arm, police say. Maradiaga complained about a video the class was watching, and the victim told her “the video was good and to give it a chance,” the resulting police report says. Maradiaga went over to the woman, started “talking trash” to her, then pulled the knife and stabbed her, the report concludes. Maradiaga also allegedly threatened to kill the victim’s family. Maradiaga was booked on $50,000 bail. The class: anger management, which Maradiaga was attending after a previous assault case. (RC/Seattle Times) ...Let’s just say she’s probably not going to pass.
Original Publication Date: 31 October 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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