True’s Social Media

At the Moment, True can be found actively posting on:

  • Twitter (3000+ 3000– followers, dropping as people leave)
  • Instagram (700+ followers)
  • Facebook (70,000+ followers)
  • the newest outlet on the roster, Telegram (125+ followers)
  • and the new newest outlet, Mastodon (still testing, 300+ followers).

I tried and dropped (which uses a custom version of the Mastodon platform) as they don’t conform to the Mastodon inter-server sharing protocols.

Survey Results

The survey is now closed. I asked Premium subscribers where they would like to find True posts on social media. Their answer:

  • 47% Facebook
  • 40% NONE!
  • 21% Twitter
  • 10% Reddit
  • 9% Discord
  • 7% Mastodon
  • 6% LinkedIn
  • 5% Telegram
  • 4% MeWe
  • 3% Tumblr

(Numbers add up to more than 100% because multiple choices were allowed.)

Bottom line: I’m not making any changes other than adding Mastodon, which I decided to do anyway. Thanks much for your input!