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Someone Squealed

The city of Midland, Mich., is trying to figure out how to allow a 9-year-old boy to keep his pet miniature pig. Ethan White is allergic to fur, and thus can’t have a more typical pet. The 4-pound pig, “Roger”, is housebroken and trained to do tricks, but city ordinances don’t allow for such a pet. “Some [city council] members indicated they wanted to find a way to help this family with their request,” confirms city manager Jon Lynch. “This little piggy is my best friend in animal life,” Ethan said just before the city council unanimously denied permission to keep him. When news of the problem went national, the council decided to seek a compromise. (RC/Midland Daily News) ...Dropping the earlier compromise that the boy “should at least be allowed to eat the pig.”
Original Publication Date: 17 October 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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