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A man showed up for a court hearing in Greensburg, Pa., wearing a cardboard box on his head. It had two eye holes for him to see through. Justin Michael Kalich, 26, the defendant in a theft case, was otherwise dressed normally, and he wore the box the entire time he was there. It was Kalich’s lawyer’s idea for him to wear the box so that a witness couldn’t see his face before being presented with a photo line-up. Still, others in the courtroom were left to wonder what was going on. “I said ‘witness protection’ to my sister-in-law,” said one man who saw Kalich, “and my brother said, ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’.” (RC/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) ...More like Simply Another Blockhead.
Publication Date: 22 October 2006
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 13.

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