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Death Noticed

After the sudden death of former stripper and wanna-be actress Anna Nicole Smith, 39, news spread fast on online news and blog sites. “The occasion gave free rein to the pseudonymous savagery which passes for informed commentary on the Web,” the Reuters newswire editorialized. For example: “Anna Nicole Smith’s condition downgraded to dead,” headlined, where a shot of a beached whale was captioned “preliminary autopsy photo.” But legitimate news outlets were hardly less “savage.” Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald noted “she was as talentless as Paris Hilton, as empty as the celebrity culture she once craved.” Her cause of death was “a fatal dose of celebrity,” the paper said, noting that to “a casual viewer of her television show it was obvious that something more chemically active than silicone was in her body.” (RC/Reuters, Sydney Morning Herald) ...Yes, well, live by the media, die by the media.
Publication Date: 11 February 2007
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 13.
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