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When Salaries and Benefits Just Aren’t Enough

The Kanawha County (W.Va.) School Board has voted to give teachers a bonus if they’ll simply show up for work. Teacher absence has grown so much the district pays $4.9 million per year for substitute teachers. “Don’t get me wrong, our substitutes do a good job,” Board president Jim Crawford said. “But this gives people an opportunity to come to school on a regular basis and be rewarded for it.” Teachers would get a maximum of a $1,050 bonus if they used none of their 15 allotted sick days each year. The school system treasurer said that if more than half of the eligible employees qualified for the bonus, the scheme would cost more than it saves. (RC/Charleston Daily Mail) ...Worse, think of the precedent: now the kids will want diplomas just for showing up.
Publication Date: 24 June 2007
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