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Stunning Testimony

“I didn’t think it was hurting him,” Senior Constable Craig Myles said. He testified he had seen volunteers tasered during his training, and while some screamed or “said it didn’t feel great,” he recalled, “I thought it just incapacitated the person.” But Antonio Galeano apparently wasn’t incapacitated quickly enough when Myles tasered him through the window of his girlfriend’s home in Queensland, Australia. So Myles tasered him eight times, as he recalls. Or, if you insist we go by the data automatically recorded on the Taser, 28 times. Galeano died. Myles explained that he fired the first Taser shots through the window in an effort to avoid a close confrontation with Galeano, who, he said, “was covered in blood.” (AC/Australian AP) ...Though Myles still ended up with blood on his hands.
Original Publication Date: 03 April 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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