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Take a Shot at Getting Her Back

Jordan Cardella, 20, of Milwaukee, Wisc., really wanted to get his girlfriend back. He thought that if he was shot, she would take pity on him. But as a felon, he can’t legally handle firearms, so he asked a friend, Anthony Woodall, 20, to find someone to shoot him. He lined up Michael Wezyk, 24, to do the deed. According to the criminal complaint, Cardella “asked Wezyk to shoot him in the back three times. Wezyk then shot Cardella in the arm, and Cardella immediately slumped over. He asked to be shot again, but Wezyk stated, ‘I’m done.’” Cardella’s ex-girlfriend never visited him in the hospital, but the police did: they arrested him, as well as Woodall and Wezyk. “This has to be the most phenomenally stupid case that I have seen,” Assistant District Attorney Christopher Rawsthorne told the court. All three men were convicted of various felonies and sentenced to probation and community service. At his sentencing, when Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet asked Wezyk, “What were you thinking?”, he replied, “I wasn’t.” (MS/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) ...Which may be the first smart thing any of the three guys has ever said.
Original Publication Date: 21 August 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.

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