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Terrorist Tattoos

Food stylist Adam Pearson thought he was getting an upgrade when the flight attendant asked him to come to the front of the plane before takeoff. Instead, he was removed from the plane and questioned for his “suspicious” behavior that another passenger had reported to the crew. The “behavior”: wearing a tattoo across his fingers that said “Atom Bomb” — his childhood nickname. Pearson, a frequent flyer with over 142,000 miles with Delta airlines this year alone, had never had an issue before, and was allowed to return to his seat after answering a few questions. Delta has promised to look into the incident. “A public apology would be nice,” Pearson said. And, he wondered, “Why didnt they offer to book that other person on another flight if they didn’t like my tattoos? Why was that other person more important than me?” (MS/Los Angeles Times) ...Because it’s easier to listen to whining than reason.
Original Publication Date: 12 December 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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