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The Captain Has Turned off the No Thinking Sign

Two men parked at the curb outside the airport in San Jose, Calif., and walked inside carrying assault rifles strapped to their chests and handguns in holsters. At the information desk they inquired about a flight arriving from Dallas. An employee asked one of them, “Are you one of the people who ride on the plane” looking for terrorists? “No,” he said. The men then went to wait for a passenger near the baggage claim. The men turned out to be security guards from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a nuclear weapons research facility. A Lab spokesman said it is “not unusual” for security to meet employees at the airport in “battle dress uniforms” including weapons, but airport personnel didn’t know that. “I wondered if they were going to shoot somebody coming off the plane,” one staffer said. She resolved to dive under her desk if that happened. A parking controller asked his supervisor what to do, and was told, “Next time that happens, have one of them sit in the car while the other one comes inside” — the airport prohibits unattended cars at the curb. (JW/San Jose Mercury News) ...Message to all terrorists, hijackers and suicide bombers: Don’t even think about leaving your car unattended at the curb.
Original Publication Date: 24 October 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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