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Jackson Scott, 29, a Scot spending a year in Australia, said he “went into the garden at four in the morning after a night in the pub to save flushing the toilet because water is precious in the outback.” After relieving himself “and was about to tuck everything safely away, it bit me,” he said. “It” was a poisonous tiger snake, and “me” — at least in this case — was his scrotum. He says he “hobbled” into the bedroom of his “best mate,” but “Needless to say, Rod was not of a mind to suck out the poison.” Instead, Roddy Andrews drove Scott to the hospital. “The doctors and nurses were very professional,” Scott said of his treatment. “They didn’t take the mickey out of me being bitten on my wedding tackle.” (RC/Sydney Telegraph) ...Certainly not. That’s our job.
Original Publication Date: 11 March 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 18.
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