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Trains, (No) Brains, and Automobiles

While the 42-year-old man says he had driven along the railroad tracks in Ocala, Fla., many times, this time he got stuck in the gravel and bushes next to the track, and couldn’t get anyone to come to his aid (he honked his horn for awhile, but no one came). So he walked out, wearing what he apparently wore for these drives: an inside-out black shirt — and nothing else. “At the time, the idea seemed OK,” the man said. “I know it’s not ordinary.” Police were finally summoned six hours into the unnamed man’s plight, but officers decided not to arrest him; they gave him a ride home. When asked why he was dressed that way, he answered, “No reason.” (MS/Ocala Star-Banner) ...That may be what his brain has most of the time.
Original Publication Date: 30 January 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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