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Truth or Dare

Geries Fakhoury, 32, claims that he was taken hostage by a screwdriver-wielding man and a woman as he was entering his Orland Park, Ill., home. He then claims they forced him to smoke a substance he suspected was crack cocaine, then made him drive to an ATM and withdraw $800. Then, Fakhoury claims, they forced him to strip to his underwear with the other man and go into the bedroom where his wife was sleeping. His wife declined the advances and says her husband refused to let her call the police, but instead told her to let the intruders do what they want. He only allowed her to call police later when the suspects, Thomas Chatham, 35, and Shina Tousant, 49, left with his car keys, wallet, garage door opener, and the cash. Police don’t quite believe his story, and instead think he paid them $400 each for a sex party meant to include his unsuspecting wife. (MS/Chicago Tribune) ...He will pay the highest price the next time he’s alone with his wife.
Original Publication Date: 10 April 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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