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Robert Edward Tyrrell Jr. of Villa Rica, Ga., was upset: his mommy wouldn’t iron his clothes. “He wanted her to do some ironing, and when she said ‘no’, they got into an argument,” said Sgt. Marc Griffith of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. “He told her, ‘ironing is woman’s work’.” When his mother still refused, Tyrell pulled a gun, took away her cell phone and keys, and held her hostage until she did his ironing. After six hours, she escaped to a police station, and the little boy — 29 years old — was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and false imprisonment. (RC/Atlanta Journal-Constitution) ...Whether it’s “women’s work” or not, dude, when are you going to start on your “man’s work”?
Original Publication Date: 01 August 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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