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Undead II

Tracy Durham, 48, had a party at his place in Peoria, Ill. “I was drunk,” he says. He won’t say who was over for the party, but he remembers telling a friend his girlfriend was ugly. As Durham took another swig from his bottle, he remembers hearing a “pop,” but he went back to his party, then slept off his drinks. The next day a neighbor noticed he was limping, and came over to ask why. “It looks like you’ve been shot,” the neighbor observed. Durham was, through his thigh, and hadn’t even noticed. “If it were a big, gaping hole, like from a .45, you’d probably take note of that sooner,” said Peoria police Lt. Vince Wieland, who guessed the wound was caused by a .22 caliber. “Depending on how much [alcohol they’ve consumed], it’s not unusual for them to not notice until the next day.” (RC/Peoria Journal Star) ...Though the ones shot with a .45 tend to wake up dead the next morning.
Original Publication Date: 11 July 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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