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We Just Hope “She” is Human

Joseph Bernas of Winter Haven, Fla., was charged with attempted murder, among other crimes. Police say Bernas went to the house of another man, Randy Smith, and demanded to know if “she” was there, apparently referring to a girlfriend. When Smith opened the door, Bernas burst in and the two got into a heated argument. Smith shoved Bernas out, but Bernas allegedly came back with a knife, chased Smith through the house, and stabbed him. Smith required 19 stitches in his neck and seven in his face. When police arrived at Bernas’s house, they saw a bloody knife in his car out front. Bernas refused to come out, so a SWAT team went in to get him. Smith told police that Bernas had previously threatened to cut his throat if he went near the woman. There was no mention in the report exactly who “she” is, or her age, but Bernas is 71, and Smith 56. “You would think that a man that age wouldn’t still be fighting over women,” said Winter Haven Police Chief Gary Hester. (JW/Lakeland Ledger) ...Hey: it’s his last chance.
Original Publication Date: 05 June 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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