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What Happens When You Can’t Just Let Go

Jay Rodgers and his family were headed home after a concert when they stopped at a gas station in Atlanta, Ga. Another man was walking in at the same time, and Rogers held the door open for him. The man’s failure to acknowledge the gesture upset Rodgers so much that he asked the man why he didn’t say “thank you.” The man ignored him, so Rodgers followed him outside, still asking him for appreciation. Without saying a word, the man pulled out a gun out of his car and shot Rodgers. The bullet went through his intestine, just missing his spine. He was hospitalized for nine days, and off work for three months. When he finally recovered, Rogers went onto the TV news to tell his still-unknown assailant, “I’m mad, but if you’re watching this, do the right thing and turn yourself in.” (JW/WSB Atlanta) ...Sure, that’ll work: the shooter is clearly a “do the right thing” kind of guy.
Original Publication Date: 05 June 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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