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Who You Gonna Call?

Brian Hopper, 54, of Encino, Calif., was on a raft trip down the Sacramento River when his raft sprang a leak, stranding him on a deserted island in the Suisun Bay. He fashioned a crude “SOS” sign and waited for someone to find him. After five days of eating native plants, he called his cousin. The cousin, Shawn Reeves, contacted the Coast Guard, who staged a rescue. Yes, Hopper had his cell phone with him, but never called 911. “I was embarrassed to be stranded on an island,” Hopper later explained. “I didn’t want to spend the taxpayers’ money to have the Coast Guard come rescue some stupid guy.” (MS/San Francisco Chronicle) ...Now he tells us.
Original Publication Date: 19 December 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.
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