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Women’s Lib in the 21st Century

The Netherlands apparently has a glut of unemployed women, but they’ve come up with a new program to help them out. No, they’re not finding them jobs: they’re instead helping the single gals find “solvent” husbands to take care of them to get them off the dole. They’re allowed 1,400 euros (US$1,750) for a make-over including a new outfit and haircut, a nice photograph, and membership to a matchmaking service. Available classes include learning social skills, and how to improve confidence, ambition, and motivation. Plus they get tips from a life coach. “If you go for a job interview or on an interview for a new partner, it is almost the same thing,” says Radboud Visser, the director of the matchmaking agency. So if they can get a job, fine, but according to Visser, the real goal is “bringing them to a nice new husband.” (RC/London Times) ...Frankly, that just sounds like a simple update to the world’s oldest profession.
Original Publication Date: 04 July 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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