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When Ronald Stach, 41, declared he was going to stay on the roof of the Canton Station bar in Baltimore, Md., until the losing Baltimore Ravens football team won a game — or the team’s coach was fired — he became an instant celebrity. It was good for business at the bar, too: they supplied Stach with a tent, heaters, five meals a day, and all the beer he could drink, since customers and reporters kept coming by to see him. But his ex-wife, Kelly Stach, fumed when she saw Ronald’s “Goof on the Roof” coverage on TV: “I just think it’s horrible that everyone out there thought he was this great supporter of the Ravens, and he hasn’t supported his own kid in the last 18 years,” she said. She said the unpaid court-ordered child support had grown to around $43,000. When police went to the bar to arrest him on a warrant over the matter, he had already run off, even though the team hadn’t won nor the coach been fired. “I tell you what,” said the Canton Station’s owner. “Any goof who wants to go on this roof, we’re going to do a background check from now on.” (RC/Baltimore Sun) ...Yeah — he wouldn’t want to give free housing, five meals a day, and unlimited beer to any freeloaders.
Publication Date: 13 January 2008
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 14.
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