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Yeah, I Think He’s Going Back to Jail Again

Lynn, Mass., Police Officer Raymond Therrien noticed a woman being “chased frantically” by a man, and went to investigate. He didn’t have to go far: the woman led her attacker right through the front door of the police department. When Therrien arrived in the lobby he saw the man was hitting the woman with one hand, and was raising a large kitchen knife in the other. Therrien called for backup, grabbed the man’s arm so he couldn’t thrust the knife, and “delivered several knee strikes to his midsection” until the man dropped the knife. Once the attacker was subdued, the officer got the woman’s story: the man was her “on and off” boyfriend, and when he saw her on the street, he allegedly told her, “Today is a good day to die. I’m not going back to jail, someone is going to die.” That, of course, is when she started running as he “swung [the knife] wildly” at her. The man, Constantine Greven, 40, was charged with weapons violations, assault with a dangerous weapon, violating a restraining order, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer. Yet when the restraining order expired the next day, the victim declined to ask the court to renew it. (RC/Lynn Daily Item) ...So that means it’s “on” again?
Original Publication Date: 29 July 2012
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 19.

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