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Your Honor, Adjudicate Thyself

A Lancaster County, Pa., district judge is in trouble with the law. In a nutshell, District Justice Isaac Stoltzfus of ...yes!... the town of Intercourse reportedly offended women by handing them condoms. If that’s not strange enough, police say Stoltzfus hollowed out acorns and filled them with the condoms, then handed them out to at least two women in a park across the street from the capitol in Harrisburg. The women told police they were offended and Stoltzfus was cited for disorderly conduct. Police said that Stoltzfus admitted to what he did and said that it was a joke. (JW/WHP Harrisburg) ...Sure, he offended women, but how do you think the squirrels felt?
Original Publication Date: 24 October 2010
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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