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Zero Tolerance — It’s Not Just for America Anymore

An unnamed woman in Sweden is concerned that her children’s father, whom she has divorced, might be abusing them. She went to police, who dismissed the case for lack of evidence. “That’s when my lawyer advised me to film the children, in order to show the police how they were behaving,” the woman said, so she did. When she took the tape to police, they arrested her for producing obscene materials involving children. Prosecutors refused to press charges (“It hasn’t been confirmed that the children have been sexually abused by their father,” a prosecutor said, “but to let the children continue with what they were doing in the tub is abuse.”) Sweden’s social services agency protested that refusal to prosecute, and have stripped the mother of custody of the 4-year-old boy and his 5-year-old sister. They are now living with — you guessed it — their father. (RC/Sweden Local) ...Which in a zero tolerance world is considered an “excellent outcome.”
Original Publication Date: 15 May 2011
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 17.

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