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Zero Tolerance — It’s Only for the Kids

When a school bus driver in Mansfield, Texas, found cookie crumbs on a seat in his bus, he allegedly threatened several sixth-grade girls with a pocketknife, saying he would cut them if they didn’t admit to eating cookies on the bus. When the girls’ parents complained to the school, school officials told them that William Allen, 66, was a “good employee” and was just joking, along the lines of a “grandfather joking about cutting your ears off if you don’t knock it off,” the parents said. The parents turned to police, who arrested Allen for assault, and only then did the district “take the matter seriously,” one mother said. Allen has been placed on paid leave. “Had the roles been reversed, my daughter would have been taken into custody right away,” said parent Kendra Hill-Foreman. “I don’t care how good of an employee he is, he traumatized those girls.” (RC/Fort Worth Star-Telegram) ...Good employee: one who hasn’t been caught before now.
Publication Date: 11 January 2009
This story is in True’s book collection, Volume 15.

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