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Spencer Collins, 9, of Leawood, Kan., loves to read. “It’s kind of like I’m in a whole other world and I like that,” he says. “I like adventure stories because I’m in the adventure and it’s fun.” His latest adventure hasn’t been fun: he set up a free library at the bottom of his driveway with a small sign that said, “Take a book, leave a book” — a free lending library. “When we got home from vacation, there was a letter from the city of Leawood saying that it was in code violation and it needed to be down by the 19th or we would receive a citation,” reports Spencer’s mother, Sarah. The issue: the little shed protecting the books from the elements is an “accessory structure,” the city says, and non-attached structures are banned in the city. Spencer wants to fight city hall. “I would tell them why it’s good for the community and why they should drop the law,” he said. (RC/KMBC Kansas City) ...Spencer, I’d like to recommend that you study a new kind of book: they’re called law books, and if you can understand them, you can make anything happen.
Original Publication Date: 13 July 2014
This story is in True’s book collections, in Volume 21.

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