Giving True Gifts

Frequently Asked Question: How do I give This is True items as gifts?

Answer: It’s easy! We’re happy to have you order True books and Premium subscriptions for your friends! We will ship books anywhere in the world.

To enter a gift order, use our regular secure online order site, and enter your name, address, and e-mail information on the form, then use the “Comments” area to enter your lucky recipient’s name and address information.

Discounts: Premium subscribers get a 20 percent discount on books. So if you’re not already a Premium subscriber, be sure to order one for yourself so you’ll get the discount prices for your gifts! The coupon code for Premium subscribers is shown on each book’s page.

Gift Notifications: Your Premium subscription recipients will get an e-mail (with a copy sent to you) announcing your thoughtful, year-long gift. The packing slip in book orders includes a note saying it’s a gift from you.

Timing: For Premium subscriptions, we will notify your recipient right away, or you can specify a date you’d like their subscription to start (even Christmas!) in the order “comments” area.

Book Shipping: We’re happy for you to order several books and have them shipped to several different addresses, each with an insert saying who the gift is from. Sorry, but we do not offer gift wrapping.

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