Submitting Story Suggestions

Did you find a weird news article that would be perfect for This is True?

Here’s how to get it seen.

Since True’s launch in 1994, Randy has appreciated hearing about good stories from readers, especially local stories from tiny news outlets that wouldn’t normally otherwise be found.

Simply use the form below or the email address in every issue (you can just “reply” too — but we appreciate your deleting the newsletter you’re replying to: Randy has already read it!)

Be sure to include the URL (not a scan or e-mailed HTML page, please!) of recent (less than a month before the next edition) articles from legitimate, mainstream news sites.

Not “legitimate” news outlets: tabloids like the National Enquirer or Britain’s Sun, blogs, political sites.

“Legitimate” news outlets: mainstream newspapers, TV news operations, news wire services, news magazines (like Time or The Economist).


The publication is called This is True — so please don’t send the story about the guy scooped from the lake/ocean off France/California/Colorado by a helicopter/plane and dropped on a fire. It’s an urban legend, folks.

And I really don’t want another copy of the story about the guy in Arizona who strapped a JATO rocket to his car and crashed. That one has all the markings of a net.legend too.

And the whale that was dynamited on the coast of Oregon? That one actually did happen …in 1970!

If a friend sent you a story that has been passed along, I’m not interested, thanks. But if you see something in your local news and think I might be interested, then by all means continue down this page!

Foreign News Especially Appreciated!

Foreign (outside the U.S.) news items are particularly needed. Randy virtually always has a shortage of non-U.S. stories, in part because of his requirement that the story be in English. Sorry, but he cannot take reader translations: such stories cannot be verified. They must be published in English on a “mainstream, legitimate” news site. Thanks for your understanding.

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We appreciate your submission of great stories, but sorry: due to the huge volume of suggestions, Randy only replies to a suggestion if it’s both useful and you’re the first to suggest it, so you know you’re the one who brought it to his attention. Thanks for your understanding!

For general questions or comments, see the contact page.

Thank You!