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We Have Revamped the Newsletter Ad Offer

Why Advertise in This is True? Unlike generic joke lists, True has unique weekly content. True is written fresh every week, so our subscribers know they will receive quality content that they have not seen before. True is eagerly awaited by our huge audience, and has a much higher “open rate” than generic joke lists or other entertainment e-mail publications. So much so that a substantial portion of our audience actually pays a fee to get more of the material.

We completely reworked our ad setup, offering exclusive space in our weekly newsletter. For details, get on our sponsor email list (very low frequency) and our system will send them immediately upon address confirmation:

First Name:
Email Address:

You must confirm your request for information — so a valid e-mail address is required. You will be added to our advertiser info e-mail list (irregular publication: maximum one e-mail/month, plus notification of specials on remnant space), and you can leave the list at any time.

Space is assigned on a first-paid, first-reserved basis.

The Basics: Just $175 gets you into the one available ad slot, with significant discounts when you book more than one ad at a time. Sponsor inserts can include a static (non-moving) picture, too.

The current third-party-verified subscriber base (typically lags by up to a day) on True‘s distribution is:
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