Weird Coincidences

It’s coming up on True’s 30th anniversary, so there are bound to be some coincidences among story subjects. Get a load of this one from this week’s issue:

Party On, Dude

Jamey Noel only served two terms as sheriff in Clark County, Ind., but state investigators say he still managed to embezzle more than $5 million from his budget, the jail fund, and the Utica Township Volunteer Firefighters Association, which he supervised. He allegedly gave credit cards to his wife and daughter for unlimited spending against public funds; they are charged separately. Court documents show Noel has a “personal” collection of at least 133 vehicles — which are registered to the fire department and/or the New Chapel EMS Association, which he also supervised. Noel was removed from office and has been charged with 25 felonies so far, but he still holds one job: “Those named are innocent until proven guilty,” said Griffin Reid, spokesman for the Indiana GOP, so Noel will be allowed to continue to serve as Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party. (RC/WHAS Louisville) …Make America Honest Again.

Don’t worry, you probably don’t see it yet.

I noticed one particular paragraph in one my source stories:

“We will not try our case in the press,” Noel attorney Larry Wilder said. “We will have no comments until the jury is seated and everyone, including the government witnesses, are sworn under oath and subject to the criminal provisions of perjury.”

Noel, before his orange jumpsuit days.

Nothing odd about that typical pre-trial bluster, except I recognized the lawyer’s name: he has been featured in True himself.

Even though that happened way back in mid-2009, my eyes popped because Wilder had distinguished himself in such a spectacular way, I remember it well. It’s still in this blog from 2009: Dude! I Got Trashed Last Night! — which title gives me yet another chuckle because I had already written the slug on this week’s story (“Party On, Dude”) before I made the connection!

The attorney suffered a severe embarrassment when police woke him up: he had fallen asleep half-way (head first) inside his neighbor’s trash can, as shown at the above link.

Reality TV star “Honey Boo Boo” posing with her mother at a child beauty pageant in 2012 or so. (TLC)

Sheriff Noel, meanwhile, was featured on the “reality” show 60 Days In on A&E for its first two seasons. I spotted this on a roundup of reality TV tidbits regarding Noel: “Many remember him for the crazy things that were said and done during those two seasons on the camera, meaning he may be the reason they decided to choose another jail” for subsequent seasons. Noel’s A&E bio is here.

I had never heard of the show previously, let alone watched it, but it seems to me that we really need to stop electing people we only know from reality TV. If not, consider that “Honey Boo Boo” (Alana Thompson) is now 18, and will be eligible to run for president in 2040.


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5 Comments on “Weird Coincidences

  1. Honey Boo Boo might be a better contender than anyone currently running!

    Randy, I’ve been reading This is True for so long I honestly don’t remember how long it’s been! Here’s to the next 30 years!

    I appreciate your support to help make it happen. -rc

  2. If I was the Indiana GOP, I’d hire a forensic auditor…just sayin’.

    Interesting thought. I wouldn’t guess that a county-level party office would have much of a budget, but if they do, I agree! -rc

    • Huh. Pardon the cynical take, but if the record of the (national) GOP since about 2016 is anything to go by, they’ll not only let it slide they’ll make excuses for the man irrespective of what transpires.

      No need for a pardon: the party is reaping what they have long sowed. -rc

  3. I’m not much on politics on any level, but it’s not even the “reality show” presidents (or politicians), it’s the whole “I’m a celebrity, and you know every single thing about me because I’m on television!” politicians. It’s bull$h!t. We don’t know any more about you than any other politician.

    I don’t want Oprah, I don’t want The Rock (and I’m a wrestling fan!) or any other television celebrity in politics. (I don’t want our current politicians, either, but that’s a whole different story!) Will the USA EVER have a truly honest politician who genuinely wants to do good, or will they always be swept up in the proverbial “swamp” with the allure of easy money through the legalised bribery of “lobbying” (just call it bribery, that’s what it is!)

    If you, Mr Politician, want to be so in touch with little old me at my little old poverty wages, then turn down your mansions and your six-figure salary with your 9-month vacations and start working for the wages the majority of your constituents make. Of course, you won’t, because you stand only for bribery and corruption, because that’s why you got into politics.

    We’ll see this arseclown running for President if Don the Con ever gives up the throne once he elects himself King in 2024.

    • …and he’s a Freemason, which just puts our great fraternity in a $h!tty light!

      The hits keep on coming! -rc


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