Hiring Randy as a Speaker

Note: Now that Randy and his wife are traveling the world full time, he is no longer available as an in-person speaker.

Randy with Director and Cinematographer of The War on Kids, released in 2007.

Randy Cassingham is one of the first people to make a living on the Internet, getting started in early 1994 — and is still going strong today. His “Thought-Provoking Entertainment” feature This is True is the oldest entertainment publication online. He is the author of more than 45 books.

Randy has talked to audiences which include Pulitzer and Emmy Award winners, MacArthur “Genius Grant” Fellows, Science Fiction Grand Masters, Mensa members, attorneys, lawyers, economists, students, and other interested people on a wide variety of topics — and then got asked back to speak to them again.

He has addressed audiences numbering in the hundreds in person, hundreds of thousands in two documentaries and countless live radio shows, and in the millions on live television.

He also writes, voices, and produces a weekly podcast, Uncommon Sense.

Sample Topics

Randy speaks about:

Randy and This is True have received a lot of media coverage over the years. For a full list see this page.
  • Why thinking is so important (perfect for businesses striving for employee improvement), including how to learn to think — which U.S. schools rarely teach.
  • The things “obliviots” do (crazy true examples of not thinking from This is True, perfect for entertainment needs). Can be themed, such as “The 7+1 Deadly Sins”.
  • How the Internet empowers entrepreneurs.


Organizer Testimonials

“Randy Cassingham has consistently entertained and educated our audiences at our annual conference attendees after dinner: he provided the right energy, humor, and provocation to set the tone for the rest of the evening.” —Michael Shermer, Publisher Skeptic magazine, Presidential Fellow Chapman University, Founder of the Skeptics Society (and its annual conferences), and Author of The Moral Arc, and Why People Believe Weird Things. “Mr. Cassingham’s presentations on the ridiculous things that people do are legendary. I enlisted him to speak at several Mensa gatherings, including the 2012 “Annual Gathering” (annual national convention). His talks never failed to fill a room and produce rave reviews. The after presentation discussions were as big a hit as the talks and prompted thoughts of adding a second session just for questions and answers.” —Ken Wright, Chairman, Mensa Reno 2012 AG
Randy holds the audience’s attention during a session at the 2019 Mensa AG (national convention).

Selected Appearances

  • NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1989 (Copyrights in the age of “new media”)
  • Los Angeles Science Fiction and Fantasy Society 1994 (Publishing Online)
  • Skeptics Society Conference 1997 (Presenting the “Dumbth Awards”)
  • Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group (Publishing by Email)
  • The Online News Summit II 1998 (Web vs. Email Publishing)
  • Skeptics Society Conference 1998 (Presenting the “Dumbth Awards”)
  • The Boulder Economics Institute 1998 (Mass Media and the Internet)
  • The Rocky Mountain Conference on Art and Technology 1999 (Serving Customers Online)
  • Front Range Skeptics 1999 (Zero Tolerance Abuses)
  • Skeptics Society Conference 1999 (Presenting the “Dumbth Awards”)
  • Internet Content ’99 Conference (Email as the Killer App of Online Content)
  • Colorado Authors’ League Seminar 2000 (How to make money writing on the Internet)
  • Orange County (Calif.) Mensa Regional Gathering 2000 (The Seven — or is it Eight? — Deadly Sins)
  • University of Colorado’s Alliance for Technology, Learning, and Society 2000 (online publishing)
  • Boulder Press Club 2001 (Freelancing in the online era)
  • Netpreneur Conference 2001 (Making it online in the “Dotcom Meltdown” era)
  • Colorado Defense Lawyers Association 2004 Annual Meeting (Lawyers Have a Public Relations Problem!)
  • Mensa Annual Gathering Denver 2008 (The Eight Deadly Sins)
  • Affiliate Summit West 2011 (Creating Mastermind Groups)
  • Mensa Annual Gathering Reno 2012 (My Life Among the Obliviots)
  • Ignite Montrose 2017 (A Brief Thought Exercise)
  • Mensa Annual Gathering Indianapolis 2018 (How I Learned to Profit from Obliviots)
  • Ignite Montrose 2018 (My Secret Identity)
  • Mensa Annual Gathering Phoenix 2019 (How I Learned to Think)
  • Ignite Montrose 2019 (Not Letting Mere Reality Get in the Way of a 5-year-old’s Dream)
“Cassingham was hilarious as he rifled through example after example of stupidity, of which there is no shortage.” —Michael Shermer, Founder of the Skeptics Society (and its annual conferences)