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18 February 2024: Grist for the MillCopyright ©2024

Now And Then I’ll post product recommendations in my blog. But what “stuff” do I need when we’ve downsized, sold our house, and are moving into a tiny cabin on a cruise ship? Well... some things for our tiny cabin (plus, literally, an office) on the cruise ship!

As I was thinking how I might add it all onto that already pretty cluttered page, I forehead-slapped myself: I have a web site for that! While the resulting article is slanted to Residential Cruising, all of the items are handy for home, too, starting with: how do you know if you actually have “fresh” air in your home? Products Worth Taking Along on Residential Cruising.

Hernandez, shooting at his own patrol car.Lack of Temperament: The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office carefully investigated a November shootinginvolving Deputy Jesse Hernandez, and released the results. Hernandez searched, handcuffed, and put a man into his patrol car while he and his sergeant investigated a complaint. Hernandez was near his patrol car and heard a pop. “Shots fired! Shots fired! Shots fired!” Hernandez called out to Sgt. Beth Roberts. He fell to the ground and pulled his service pistol to open fire — on his own vehicle. Roberts, seeing Hernandez had no cover, also opened fire, and called for backup for an “officerdown.” She asked Hernandez if he was OK. “I’m hit! I’m hit!” he yelled. Both kept shooting until their pistols were empty, and Hernandez crawled to cover. All was caught by the deputies’ body cameras. The “pop,” video shows, was an acorn that fell onto the roof of Hernandez’s patrol car; no one was shooting until Hernandez opened fire. Once Hernandez, a deputy for 2 years after 10 years in the military with two deployments, realized that the pop was an acorn, not a gunshot, he resigned. Sgt.Roberts’ actions were found “objectively reasonable.” The man handcuffed in the patrol car was not injured. (RC/WJHG Panama City Beach) ...But he does have “objectively reasonable” cause to sue.

Tall Tale: Brett Elmore, the owner of WJLX-AM radio in Jasper, Ala., sent a crew out to the transmitter site to cut back the brush. They called to say the 200 ft. tower wasn’t there. Flabbergasted, Elmore asked them to check the transmitter. The shack had been broken into, and the transmitter was gone. Worse, the FCC would not allow the FM translator that also broadcasts his signal to stay on the air. And worse than that: Elmore has no insurance on the transmitter or tower, which willcost about $100,000 to replace. “More than we have,” Elmore said. “We’re a small market station.” Police have no leads. (RC/Birmingham News) ...Well, has a “new” radio station in the region popped up on 1240?

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Car Trouble: According to police, Jorge Cornejo, 47, confronted a tow truck driver who was repossessing his car in St. Petersburg, Fla. Cornejo allegedly told the driver, “If you try to take it I am going to hurt you” — and pepper-sprayed the driver and took his phone, wallet, and keys, refusing to return them until his car was unhooked. The driver complied, but police say Cornejo didn’t return the phone until he was leaving, when he tossed it out of his car — breaking the screen.Cornejo was arrested and charged with robbery, burglary, and criminal mischief, and held on $20,000 bail. (MS/Tampa Bay Times) ...And then his car was repossessed.

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Party On, Dude: Jamey Noel only served two terms as sheriff in Clark County, Ind., but state investigators say he still managed to embezzle more than $5 million from his budget, the jail fund, and the Utica Township Volunteer Firefighters Association, which he supervised. He allegedly gave credit cards to his wife and daughter for unlimited spending against public funds; they are charged separately. Court documents show Noel has a “personal” collection of at least 133 vehicles — whichare registered to the fire department and/or the New Chapel EMS Association, which he also supervised. Noel was removed from office and has been charged with 25 felonies so far, but he still holds one job: “Those named are innocent until proven guilty,” said Griffin Reid, spokesman for the Indiana GOP, so Noel will be allowed to continue to serve as Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party. (RC/WHAS Louisville) ...Make America Honest Again.

Business About to Experience Significant Downturn
Macclesfield [England] Vegan Restaurant to Serve Meat Due to Rising Costs
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This Week’s Contributors: MS-Mike Straw, AC-Alexander Cohen, RC-Randy Cassingham.

While Researching the Story about the Indiana sheriff charged with 25 felonies (which comes out to — so far — 5 for each million dollars he allegedly stole), I noticed one particular paragraph in one my source stories:

“We will not try our case in the press,” Noel attorney Larry Wilder said. “We will have no comments until the jury is seated and everyone, including the government witnesses, are sworn under oath and subject to the criminal provisions of perjury.”

Nothing odd about that typical pre-trial bluster, except I recognized the lawyer’s name: he has been featured in True himself. Even though that happened way back in mid-2009, my eyes popped because Wilder had distinguished himself in such a spectacular way, I remember it well. It’s still in my blog from 2009: Dude! I Got Trashed Last Night! — which title gives me yet another chuckle because I had already written the slug on this week’sstory (“Party On, Dude”) before I made the connection!

Sheriff Noel, meanwhile, was featured on the “reality” show 60 Days In on A&E for its first two seasons. I spotted this on a roundup of reality TV tidbits regarding Noel: “Many remember him for the crazy things that were said and done during those two seasons on the camera, meaning he may be the reason they decided to choose another jail” for subsequent seasons. Noel’s A&E bio is here.

I had never heard of the show previously, let alone watched it, but it seems to me that we really need to stop electing people we only know from reality TV. If not, consider that “Honey Boo Boo” (Alana Thompson) is now 18, and will be eligible to run for president in 2040.


Comments? This is in my blog, with the story: Weird Coincidences.

Quite a Few Folks Suggested I write an Honorary Unsubscribe for William Post, who “invented” Pop-Tarts.

My Response: No. And here’s why (in my blog).

Ten Years Ago in True: Until Litigation Do They Part has an unsurprising update.

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This Week’s Sunday Reading: The story is tough to read. Then you need to ask yourself, WHY? (The comments are brilliant.)Die Like a Dog.

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