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16 January 2022: How the West Was WonCopyright ©2022

Compare and contrast.Fake News: “Can you spot the fake?” asked the Mechanicville (N.Y.) Police Department in an online post with a photo of a real New York State vehicleinspection sticker next to a crudely hand-drawn version they spotted on a car. “We thought so.” Police didn’t give much more detail than that, so WTEN-TV news in Albany had to come up with something to flesh out their still-very-short story. They chose “Driver tries to outwit police.” (RC/WTEN Albany) ...It’s hard for a half-wit to outwit.

Hot and Cold: Police released video showing two men setting fire to a Christmas tree next to the Key West, Fla., landmark marking the southernmost point in the continental U.S. The fire caused over $5,000 in damage. Bartender Cameron Briody saw the video. “I knew immediately that I had served him and that he had used a card,” he said. Irish Kevin’s bar has a “ton of cameras,” and General Manager Daylin Starks matched time-stamped videos with credit card receipts to identify SkylarJacobson, 21, of Henrietta, Texas, and David Perkins, 22, of Leesburg, Fla. “We could follow them the whole time, in and out of the bar,” he said. “We could see them getting rejected from all the girls they were trying to hit on.” The reason Briody recognized Jacobson: he hadn’t left a tip. Both men were charged with criminal mischief. “We’ve all been that age and made dumb mistakes and we just learn from them,” Starks said. “So I hope that’s what they do, is learn from the mistake.” (MS/WTVTTampa) ...Here’s a tip: tip.

Unmistakable Identity: Henderson, Nev., police arrested Shane Lee Brown, 23, on an arrest warrant out of Las Vegas. Nothing unusual there, except that Brown is Black, and 5 ft-7 in tall. The man described in the warrant is white, 5-ft.-11 in tall, and 49 years old with a “bushy white beard” and blue eyes. Brown was held in jail for 6 days before being brought before District Judge Joe Hardy, who issued the warrant. The white Brown’s rap sheet shows that his first conviction dated tobefore the Black Brown was born, and Judge Hardy immediately ordered his release. The younger Brown has filed a federal lawsuit charging violation of his civil rights. The older Brown was found in California, and is being held in jail there pending extradition to Las Vegas. (RC/Las Vegas Review-Journal) ...That one’s Hispanic and 67 years old.

The letter.Special Delivery: John Gonsalves wrote to Angelina Gonsalves, and Angelina Gonsalves got the letter. But the Angelina to whom John wrote when he was in the Army inGermany in December 1945 was his mother; the one who got the letter in December 2021 was his 89-year-old widow, who hadn’t even met him yet when he wrote the letter. When she read it, she said, “it was a weird feeling — like he was standing there, reading it to me.” The U.S. Postal Service told her it didn’t know where the letter had been all these years, or how it had appeared at a Pittsburgh, Pa., facility. But once it did, USPS worker Stephen D. Stowell wrote, “dedicated sleuth work by postalworkers at this facility” turned up the widow’s address in Woburn, Mass., the same city where the soldier’s mother had lived all those decades earlier. (AC/Washington Post) ...Sometimes it is by being lost that a thing becomes important.

Tiny Dancing Green Men Blamed: Firefighters were called out to the evidence room of the Mount Airy, Md., Police Dept. to help deal with a hazardous materials spill. Police officials say a mason jar was accidentally “knocked or dropped onto the floor,” smashing it and spilling the contents across the entire room. The contents: N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, a hallucinogen. Maryland Department of the Environment advised the department to engage professional cleaners to decontaminate the area.(RC/WJZ Baltimore) ...More than one Mount Airy provided inspiration for the character of Deputy Barney Fife.

Road Food
Texas Law Enforcement Officials Arrest DWI Suspect Driving With Lit BBQ Pit in Truck Bed
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If You Want to Know: N, N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT.

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It Was the Rev. Martin Luther King Day Monday in the U.S. A quote of his resonates well with me and by extension True’s mission: “A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan.” Thinking firms up the sloppiness, and strengthens civilization. That’s just one reason why I’m so adamant that we need more of it.

Ten Years Ago in True: Maternal Instincts.

This Week’s True Stella Awards case re-post: Are You Sure You’re Insured? Next week: Case No. 100, and it’s one deserving of that milestone serial number.

This Week’s Honorary Unsubscribe goes to Alexa McDonough. A Canadian, McDonough did politics the right way: actual leadership. The story distilled to 2 minutes: Alexa McDonough (OK to share link).

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