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25 October 2020: The Usual Bunch of ObliviotsCopyright ©2020

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The wedding, from above.A Borderline Start: Lindsay Clowes and Alex Leckie, both 29, planned their wedding a long time ago, but then ...Covid. They didn’t want to postpone anylonger, even though the Nova Scotia, Canada, bride has a lot of family in Maine, and the border is still closed. Their solution: they got special permission to hold the ceremony on a wharf in the St. Croix River in St. Stephen, N.B., which is just 400 feet from a point of land in Maine where U.S. family gathered. All “socially distanced” as they watched the nuptials. The wedding was fairly high tech: a drone captured photos, and “we were able to live stream it to everyone across the water, andeveryone in Canada that wasn’t able to make it to the ceremony,” Leckie said. (RC/CBC) ...Watching a wedding through binoculars: extremely creepy before 2020.

Vote, Before It’s Too Late: Maryann and Pat Leonard have been voting in High Point, N.C., for over 40 years. This year, Maryann hit a glitch after the poll worker checked her name. “She looked up and said, ‘You’re ineligible to vote,’ and I said, ‘I can’t imagine why,’” Maryann recalled. The election worker “told me, ‘It says you’re dead.’” After making several calls, Mrs. Leonard found out that a woman with a similar name and birthdate had died, and a clerical mix-up led to her beingdropped from the voter rolls. “It’s just a warning to people to be cautious,” her husband said. The couple plans to look up their registrations before the next election — and suggest others check, too. (MS/WNCN Goldsboro) ...First, check the obituaries. If you don’t see your name, go vote.

The bandits at work.Masked Bandits: Officers in Redwood City, Calif., responded to a report of intruders inside a closed bank branch. Sure enough, they spotted the maskedduo through the window, and set out trying to figure out what to do next. The officers were from the Peninsula Humane Society; the intruders were raccoons. “It’s not every day an animal organization gets called to deal with a bank break-in,” said PHS spokeswoman Buffy Martin Tarbox, but “we were indeed the appropriate responders.” A manager let the team in, “and after about ten minutes of chasing the raccoons around the bank, we were finally able to safely shoo them outside.” Also, she said, “to our knowledge they didn’t abscond with any money.” (RC/San Mateo Daily Journal) ...Just hand over the garbage and nobody gets hurt.

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The South Wing: As the parliament of Victoria considered a motion of no confidence in that Australian state’s premier, member Will Fowles gave a 90-second speech. “We did not expect, nor did we invite, this confrontation with a ferocious and feckless enemy,” he said, apparently referring to the coronavirus. If that sounds presidential, you may be thinking of President Bartlet, who said: “We did not expect, nor did we invite, a confrontation with evil.” Fowles, the state MP for Burwood,also said: “If we think we have reached the limit of our resolve, we need only to look to these heroes” — medical professionals — “and decide that our resolve may well be limitless.” Bartlet, the fictional character from The West Wing, the 1999–2006 TV series, similarly said: “Every time we think we’ve measured our capacity to meet a challenge, we look up and we’re reminded that that capacity may well be limitless.” Fowles “has said that he has phrases that are kind of lodged in his brainfrom various different places,” reporter James Talia said. The speech “was an unconscious homage to ... one of the greatest political speech writers we’ve ever seen.” (AC/Melbourne Herald Sun) ...“Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.” —Sam Seaborn, fictional speechwriter to President Bartlet, discussing the very speech from which Fowles stole.

This Week’s Full Edition also included: Man being chased by police stops for gas. Crook’s wife buys billboards to boast that he is paying his court-ordered restitution (too bad his dad isn’t). Florida man tries to hid illegal lobsters his pants. Man calls police to report he lost a satchel ...with several kilos of cocaine inside. Man accidentally buys two lottery tickets with the same numbers, but now he doesn’t mind. Homeowners’ association removes part of a resident’s house. TVshow doing a story on outrageous levels of shoplifting get camera footage of a masked shoplifter carrying off merchandise. Stop missing most of the stories! Upgrade here so you can get them all every week.

Jonathon,'in' class.Extra Credit: With many schools closed due to the pandemic, students all over the U.S. are taking classes online. That has been a problem forfourth-grader Jonathon Endecott, 9, of Roswell, N.M.: his family can’t afford Internet service. His school is nearby, so the solution was for him to walk to his school, park himself outside the locked building, and use the school’s WiFi to get online. “Him just being outside of the building gives him that, ‘Hey, I’m at school!’ feeling,” says his mom, Angel Endecott, “even though he’s not around other classmates or teachers.” Teacher Shelby Dutton spotted the boy and took a photo of thehard-working kid, and Angel gave her the go-ahead to post it online. That created a stir, so Dutton started a GoFundMe campaign to help buy Internet access for needy students. More than 400 donors have chipped in more than $18,000 so far. (RC/AP) ...Dedication to schoolwork sometimes pays off for more than the student doing the studying.

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Again, I Don’t Like promoting GoFundMe campaigns, but I know many of you want to at least look at the Rosewell schools Wifi effort. It’s now over $19,000.

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A Reader Emailed to ask, “Could you post your status on [Facebook]? I expect many of us are worried about you and Kit with the news on the fires in CO. Possibly they are nowhere near you but for the geographically challenged members of your audience this isn’t evident.” Most of the fires are indeed nowhere near us, and we’re not in danger. Continues ...on Facebook.

The Editors at Medium liked my latest article, The Man with the Golden Arm, enough that they put it on expanded distribution. It’s in my Uncommon Sense series — mostly text versions of earlier podcast episodes about interesting people who exhibit ...well... Uncommon Sense. My sister called to say she loved it!

Another Editor — a senior copy editor at CNN International — likes True so much so, Courtney Perkins wrote about it on her blog: Hey Internet, fetch me some INTERESTING news this time! I’m honored by her kind words.

This Week’s Uncommon Sense Podcast You really don’t need willpower, and relying on it for change is a recipe for failure. So how can you succeed at the things you want to change without it being so danged hard? Well, a psychologist who has studied willpower says there’s a much, much, better, and easier, way. You Don’t Need Willpower is just 11-1/4 minutes, or as always there’s atranscript.

Ten Years Ago in True: she is at least Serving as an Example.

The Past Week’s True Stella Awards case re-posts: It’s Better than the Lottery, and No Rhyme or Reason. I particularly like getting comments on these cases, and the comments on both of these really add to the stories.

This Week’s Randy’s Random: It’s the Law. One woman complained strongly on its Facebook post that it is “Not funny at all.” I didn’t have to defend it: many other readers stepped up before I even saw it.

This Week’s Honorary Unsubscribe goes to Viola Smith. Smith was a lot more than the “fastest girl drummer in the world.” Her story in about 2 minutes: Viola Smith (OK to share link).

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