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Since 1994, this is the 1421st issue of Randy Cassingham’s...

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5 September 2021: New Record SetCopyright ©2021

Other Good Reading: Do you “hate it” when people around you fidget? Do moving ads on web sites drive you nuts? You — like me — may suffer from “misokinesia”, according to the First In-Depth Study of 'Misokinesia' Phenomenon Shows It May Affect 1 in 3 People, reported by Science Alert. Now... hold still!

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Not Happy to See Him: Responding to reports of gunfire, police in Youngstown, Ohio, spotted a man who matched the suspect’s description. As an officer approached him, he could see the outline of a gun in the man’s pants. The officer ordered the man to get on the ground, presumably at gunpoint, and the man apparently had difficulty following the command, apparently because, he told the officer, he had a gun in his pants. He eventually got to the ground and sure enough, the officer founda gun in the man’s pants. But when confronted with that fact, Joshua McCranie, 29, said he “had no idea” that there was a gun in his pants. (RC/WKBN Youngstown) ...Whatever brains he might have: also in his pants — he has no idea how those got there either.

Yo Quiero a Hospital: After picking up food at Taco Bell, an Omaha, Neb., man was driving the meal to share with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the 39-year old was talking to his friend on the phone. He was apparently otherwise distracted, what with eating and checking out the knife his friend had given him. The car hit a bump or pothole, according to the resulting police report, and “made him accidentally stab his right thigh with the knife.” That left a 1- to 1-1/2-inch deep puncturewound. He detoured to a nearby hospital. (MS/Omaha World-Herald) ...The driver of the next car over saw the incident. It made him so mad he almost dropped his razor in his coffee.

Backseat driver: the cow.If It Escapes, Check in Samarra: Jessica Nelson was on her way through a drive-through in Marshfield, Wisc., when she noticed an unusualpassenger in another car waiting at the same McDonald’s. At first, she thought it was a fake cow. Then it moved. The cow, she learned, had been acquired at a fair — and there were also two calves in that car’s back seat. A video Nelson took broke 50,000 views overnight. “A WHOLE FREAKING COW!!!” she wrote in the caption. (AC/WTMJ Milwaukee) ...By the time they get to McDonald’s restaurants, cows are usually not whole.

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Deep in the Heart: The anti-abortion law that took effect on Sept. 1 in Texas is getting international attention, but that’s far from the only new law that went into effect in the state on that date. Teaching the “1619 Project” regarding slavery is now banned in schools, but a new “1836 Project” — production of patriotic Texas history materials — has been funded. The Texas Active Shooter Alert System has been created to notify people via smartphone when near such events. Professionalsports teams are now required to play the national anthem before games played in Texas. And many more: on September 1 a total of 666 new laws took effect in Texas. (RC/Texas Tribune) ...Ah, now it’s all starting to make sense!

Another Obliviot Visits Hawaii. Obliviot politicians: also in Canada! Hilarious Zoom meeting “video bombing” by a kid. The outrageous arrest of an FBI supervisor!? Another wild cow story. Pet Rock: The Next Generation. There’s no cheap housing idea that they can’t make into expensive housing idea. Another obliviot teacher sources a test from the Internet. All those are stories you missed this week, and the lineup was so good it was tough to pull out so many great stories.To get them all, you need a Premium subscription, which starts at $10. See your options here and stop missing most of the good stuff!

Heading for the woods: the thieving bear.Unbearable: “Amazon had dropped off the packages,” said Kristin Levine of Bristol, Conn., and about fiveminutes later “I got the alert on my security camera” — the package was stolen right off her porch. But at least the camera caught the culprit: a bear. She was able to recover the box in a neighbor’s yard. It contained one package of toilet paper. (RC/WVIT West Hartford) ...And now we know for sure: yes, bears do it in the woods.

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The Latest True Video is posted: what kind of obliviot tries to sue ...God?! 70 seconds at TikTok, Youtube or Facebook would be time well misspent.

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For a brief explanation, if needed, as provided by Alexander: The Appointment in Samarra.

Ten Years Ago in True: Rules Are Rules, because they said so.

Still No New Stories at What It’s Like to, but I have submissions to edit so it can start up again next week.

This Week’s True Stella Awards case re-post: the apparent models for movie characters took a very long time to be Very Dazed, and Very Confused.

This Week’s Randy’s Random: Liar.

This Week’s Honorary Unsubscribe goes to Edmond Fischer. A biochemist, Fischer paved the way for a lot of medical advances. The story in about 2 minutes: Edmond Fischer (OK to share link).

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