You Can Help True Survive

Now and then I note in True that the very existence of this site and newsletter is dependent on the support of its readers, both financially and in other ways. This page tells you how you can help — and I really do need your help! Millions of sites compete for attention. A good percentage of them are garbage, sure, but that din still drowns out the good stuff.

Ways That Don’t Cost a Cent

It’s not all about money: small independent sites need attention as they sit in the shadows of big media corporations. You can help by:

  • The number-one way True has grown over the years doesn’t cost you a thing, and that’s help spread word of mouth. From the newsletter’s inception in 1994, the copyright notice expressly allows readers to forward issues to friends. Ideally, put a note on top with your personal recommendation: why you like This is True and why you think they should get their own free subscription. (Tip: do not include the URL at the bottom for unsubscribing you, because anyone who clicks it will unsubscribe you!)
  • Social Media: Do you have an account on Twitter or Facebook? Other places? When you find a page or item here that you like, post a link! It’s a way for your friends to see what it is you like about True. If you have Twitter, click here to Tweet a link (you can edit before you submit it).
  • Do you have a web site or blog? Posting info about True with a link back to this site really helps. Please do not post our copyrighted stories (with the exception of the next idea) — stealing from us doesn’t help us. For some great graphics to post on Facebook or your blog, see this page, or just watch True’s Facebook page for things you like which you can easily share.
  • Get a story for your web site that changes every day, automatically for free! It’s our True-a-Day service, and it’s extremely easy to do it: just include a little snippet of html on your site, and it will automatically change every day.
  • Do you have a podcast? You can not only talk about True, if you ever have guests on your show (and it fits your format), Randy can come on your show as a guest. He has studio-quality audio equipment and can connect with you on Skype, Zoom, or other platforms you already use. (Contact Info)

You can simply link to the home page, …unless you prefer a more clutter-free “landing page” to send friends to: the best for that is

More Direct Financial Support

  • Once advertising prices dropped through the floor in the original “dotcom meltdown,” Premium subscription upgrades have been True’s number one income source, by far. You get more than double the stories (a minimum of ten), no outside advertising, and (obviously!) no upgrade pitches — so on average the resulting newsletter is not much larger than the corresponding free edition. It’s the quickest way you can help, but you also benefit from a lot more laughs.
  • Simple contributions? Yes: readers have asked for it again and again, and you can do one-time contributions here, or set up contributions that recur monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, which you can set up here. Either way, thanks much!
  • Last, everything else you buy, from True book collections to Get Out of Hell Free cards and stickers to mugs and other items, also helps. See what’s available at our secure shopping cart — you can even mail in your order if you prefer not to put credit card information online. Our shopping cart accepts Paypal, credit and debit cards, or you can send your order by mail with a check/money order.

However you choose to help, it’s much appreciated. It’s how True has been able to survive since 1994. Thanks!

[Note: All independent content sites, not just True, need your help like this. If you like a site, help support it! Sites can and do go out of business when you fail to support them!]