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Note: Randy’s blog — more than 650 entries — goes back to 1994, the start of This is True itself. If you’d like to read through all of them, it’ll take you awhile — but you’ll be amply entertained. The first entry is here: Introducing My Blog, and there are links at the bottom of each page (above the comments) to get to the next entry.

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A Listing of ALL Blog Entries is here — the listing is long. Note there’s a search function in the navbar if you’re trying to find something specific. The following is a listing of the most-recent entries:

  • Podcast 011: We Need Better Heroes - In This Episode: We get more of what we pay attention to. But some people — usually people with Uncommon Sense — aspire to something greater than the whims of the masses and can make a huge impact on the world. This episode looks at what we as a society pay a lot of attention to, at the detriment to the much more important things we pretty much ignore. I have a story about each, and the contrast is mind-blowing. Show Notes: https://thisistrue.com/podcast11
  • You Were Steered Wrong - I was amused by the story of “Knickers” — I saw it online, but decided the “giant cow” story wasn’t really worthy of True …and then saw it again and again and again and again! (see photo below).
  • Podcast 010: “I Just Don’t Have Time” - In This Episode: “I just don’t have time” is the modern mantra. And I’m here to tell you why that’s total B.S. Because if you apply Uncommon Sense to the time problem, that turns out to not be the problem you think it is. I’m going to tell you how to get more out of putting time in. Show Notes: https://thisistrue.com/podcast10
  • Podcast 009: The Headlines Lied - In This Episode: There’s a lot of talk about accuracy in the media these days, up to and including frequent accusations that the mainstream press publishes “fake news.” For the most part, I don’t think that’s true, but that doesn’t mean people who watch TV or read news online don’t have to be intelligent consumers of news, especially when it comes to medical or scientific topics. Or, to put it another way, we need to exercise Uncommon Sense as a filter on the news, and this episode has an example of why. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast9
  • Colorado Screws Over Small Businesses like This is True - I Will Stop Selling physical products to Colorado customers as of December 15, at least for the time being, and only because This is True is actually in Colorado.
  • Podcast 008: The Man with the Golden Arm - In This Episode: I had heard about the man I’m going to tell you about several times over the past several years, but I didn’t know the whole story of James Harrison, who has been called “The Man with the Golden Arm”. It’s a bit of a medical mystery and, as I researched all of this to understand what the heck it was that he did, I discovered Harrison started displaying Uncommon Sense even as a child. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast8
  • Preparing for a Mass Shooting: Behind the Scenes - Five Years Ago Now (yikes!), I wrote in this blog about a serious “multi-casualty incident” (or MCI) in my county. That happened on a Sunday — coincidentally the day after we finished a two-day MCI training.
  • Podcast 007: A Second Opinion - A very different kind of episode: a story that's not from the newsletter, but rather one that's too long and complex to be shortened to 100ish words plus a pithy tagline. It's an amazing story of hope and renewal, with a wild twist at the end. Show Notes: https://thisistrue.com/podcast7
  • Podcast 006: The X Factor - In This Episode: How two men inspired others to change the world in a massive display of Uncommon Sense. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast6
  • Podcast 005: The Last Stroke of Midnight - Feel-good stories can go viral online. I’m going to tell you one of those stories using the Uncommon Sense filter to see what we can take away for the longer term, after the viral story is forgotten. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast5
  • Contempt of Cop - Two stories in this week’s This is True illustrate a problem that’s growing, when it should be shrinking. Let’s start with the stories.
  • Podcast 004: Full Circle - In This Episode: When sizing up someone in a modest profession, don’t make the mistake of thinking the job title defines the person or their abilities. They might just surprise you with an overabundance of Uncommon Sense. Show Notes: https://thisistrue.com/podcast4
  • Podcast 003: Cassini: The Bigger Picture - In This Episode: From California, where I came to see and reflect on the End of Mission for the Cassini spacecraft -- its so-called Grand Finale. This isn't about the mission per se, but rather the thinking behind it, how that fits into True’s mission, and how that ties into this week's Honorary Unsubscribe! In other words, The Bigger Picture. Show Notes: https://thisistrue.com/podcast3
  • Erasing the Past - There’s an interesting update on two stories from last week’s issue (just Premium: the stories weren’t in the free edition), which brings up a huge question: when celebrities/star athletes are convicted of a heinous crime, what should become of their past accomplishments?
  • Podcast 002: Reverberating for Decades - In This Episode: If there’s any profession the public deals with on a regular basis that’s bound by rules and protocols it’s medicine. But some do the human thing anyway, guided by their Uncommon Sense. This episode has several inspiring examples. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast2
  • Podcast 001: The Best of Humanity - In This Episode: While the stories in This is True usually point out the pitfalls of not thinking, the Honorary Unsubscribe holds up the best of humanity, which often means someone who exhibited Uncommon Sense on a regular basis. This episode not only features a interesting example, but adds some extra details and commentary. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast1
  • Podcast 0: Relaunch Introduction - In This Episode: An introduction to This is True, and the Uncommon Sense Podcast. Show Notes: https://thisistrue.com/podcast0
  • The Cherry Rumtini - I've found a cherry so incredibly good, you'll want to put them in everything! Including an AMAZING martini: here's the recipe I came up with for that.
  • Make Truth Matter Again - There has been a significant update in a story from this week’s issue (12 August 2018). Let’s start with my original story:
  • Cosmic Comeuppance - This Week’s Newsletter (dated 1 July 2018) is the first in True’s 25th(!!) Year. It’s a solid issue with tragedy and comedy, and this blog post has examples of both. While you may seethe at the first story, you’re almost guaranteed to laugh by the end of this page.

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