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Randy’s blog — more than 700 entries — goes back to 1994. If you’d like to read through all of them, it’ll take you awhile — but you’ll be amply entertained. The first entry is here: Introducing My Blog, and there are links at the bottom of each page (above the comments) to get to the next entry.

See bottom of this page regarding comment photos.



A Listing of ALL Blog Entries is here — the listing is long. Note there’s a search function in the navbar if you’re trying to find something specific. The following is a listing of the most-recent entries:

  • Humbled by the H.U.? - This is True’s Honorary Unsubscribe has long been a reader favorite. Sometimes it’s hard to not compare yourself to them.
  • Not Political, Not Partisan - Was a TRUE story from Florida a partisan political slam? Let's take a look.
  • Texas Zero Tolerance - Actual Headline: “How a Texas Girl Scared of School Shootings Was Punished” (!!)
  • “He’s a F—–g Weenie” - “I’m right, everybody else is wrong. Except for the people in my family|political party|church|whatever.”
  • The Slapping Judge - You've heard of a "hanging judge"? I prefer a slapping judge, like this one.
  • The Pillars of Creation - How to make an awesome piece of space artwork at a very reasonable price.
  • Chuck Shepherd: News of the Weird - As far as I know, Chuck’s cause of death was not an arrow that fell off a weathervane. Sorry, Chuck.
  • Dick Pincsak Has Guts - “I wondered: is this what it’s really like to be an unwanted minority in American society?”
  • 094: Why You Don’t Need to Be Perfect - People with Uncommon Sense are definitely not perfect, and I’ll tell you why that doesn’t matter.
  • My Interview with an AI Chatbot about… Thinking - What happens when you talk to an artificial intelligence language model about the value of something it can’t actually do? Thinking, I mean.
  • The Best Thing All Week - This isn’t a story about me, but rather something awesome that I witnessed while working at a big fire this weekend.
  • 093: The Best Books were Never Written - Learning that I didn’t have to let my pain lead to fear was liberating.
  • You Won’t Believe Your Eyes - Or maybe the second word in the title should be “Shouldn’t”!
  • Authors for Libraries - The non-profit “Fight for the Future” — formed in 2012 to lead the successful fight against the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) and the “PROTECT IP Act” (PIPA) — has turned to protecting libraries from giant publishers who are trying to take away the right to loan books, particularly now that most books are published ... Continue Reading
  • The Plus Edition - Announcing a new edition of This is True: the Plus Edition, only available on Substack.
  • Sarah Ferguson - Another small world story about the best readers in the world: readers of This is True.
  • 21 Years After 9/11 - Looking back at 9/11 from the eyes of an online publisher, 21 years later.
  • Justice Zone - "You wake up some unusual pathways in my brain every week."
  • Oh No, JATO?! - Just by the subject line I knew there was a 99.999 percent chance that it was fake.
  • Phishing Emails: Be Smarter! - What is it cloaking? Malware. Click the link and you won’t go to Google, you’ll go to the criminals’ site.

How to Include Your Photo on Comments

You’ll note some comments include a photo representing the commenter. The comment system uses Gravatar to pull up user photos. Register there if you already haven’t; it uses your email address to associate your stated address when you comment with your Gravatar account, and then it’s automagical on any site that uses Gravatar (which is a lot).

If you wish to remain anonymous and not have your photo show, then add an “address” tag to your address (because comments that use fake addresses are automatically rejected). That is, if your email is your.name @ gmail.com, you can use a tag like your.name+nopic @ gmail.com — that changes your address enough that it won’t pull up a photo. You’ll still get notifications (if you sign up for them), too.