Complaint Procedure

How To Complain About Stories in This is True

Applies Equally to Stories of Political, Religious, and Other Topics

There are certain people of extreme political partisanship who wish to complain about the “obvious bias” of the political items here. There are actually two names for such people: “liberals” and “conservatives.” The “liberals” complain that certain jokes slam them unfairly, and that the proprietor of this site is obviously biased against them and their political beliefs. Conversely, the “conservatives” complain that certain jokes slam them unfairly, and that the proprietor of this site is obviously biased against them and their political beliefs. The most extreme of the two camps see absolutely no irony that both of these statements are completely true.

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No need to take a number.

There are also those who think their religion ought to be exempt from smiles, even after they laugh at stories about people who follow other religions.

If you are one of those people and cannot see this irony, and thus wish to complain about a particular political or religious joke on this site, follow this easy-to-use complaint procedure:

  1. Step over to or pick up any mirror in your vicinity.
  2. Complain to the person seen there that you have no ability to accept that other people find the story funny even though you don’t.
  3. If “not funny,” then remember what has been said here and in the newsletter hundreds of times: not every story is meant to be funny.
  4. Try to be very whiny when you complain in the mirror — so much so that even you are bothered by the whining. If you accomplish this, you’ll understand about 1 percent of what your complaints mean to others who do appreciate the story and/or the ideas behind it.
  5. Remember that this site is about provoking thought, and uses stories about real people doing real things, often really stupidly, to do that. You either find a particular item interesting and thought-provoking, and maybe amusing, or you don’t. If not, there are literally thousands of other stories here that you will appreciate more.
  6. You want a specific story published that you find funny? Cool: go publish it on your site.

No other complaints will be seriously considered. If you have the gall to laugh at stories that slam the “other side” but can’t handle it when the exact same concepts slam your side now and then, the problem is yours, not mine. Grow the hell up and deal with it. And if you truly can’t, then you have only one choice: stop reading the site and its newsletter.

If you have any questions, reread this entire page until you actually understand it.

Note: This page is adapted from the similar page that was long posted on my now-defunct “Jumbo Joke” site.

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  1. “If you have any questions reread this entire page until you actually understand it.”

    Outstanding!! Love it!

  2. I have never understood why you would complain about something you read on the internet. I hate whiners!

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