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1 September 2019: One Small StepCopyright ©2019

Augur's crusty license plate.Augured In: The New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles has demanded that Wendy Auger of Rochester give up her personalized licenseplate — one that most parents can relate to: “PB4WEGO”. Officials say messages relating to “excretory acts” are “no longer” allowed; when she got the plate, the rule was simply that the state could withhold any plate that a “reasonable person would find offensive to good taste.” Auger has had the plate for 15 years. “Who has a mom or dad or parental figure who hasn’t said that to kids before leaving the house?” Auger asks. “I’m not the type to sit here with a picket, but come on.” Thebureaucrats wouldn’t give in until Gov. Chris Sununu intervened, ordering the department to leave her plate alone. (RC/Portsmouth Herald) ...Also on New Hampshire’s plates: “LIVE FREE OR DIE”.

Wicked Air, Bro: Chiropractor Donald Walsh, 40, has been a surfer for 30 years. After a few hours on the water on an inlet along New Smyrna Beach, Fla., he decided to try to get airborne on a couple waves. He says he isn’t very good at that, but wanted to try. He finally got airborne, and then it went all Florida on him. “I never did see the shark as I was coming down,” he said. “I did see it after the bite happened.” He had landed on a 6-1/2-foot shark, which took exception to theassault and bit him. Walsh, who suffered lacerations to his hand and calf, was treated by paramedics at the scene and released. His was the 11th reported shark bite on New Smyrna Beach this year. “I’ll be back in the ocean as soon as the wounds close up,” he said. But “I’ll definitely be a little more cautious.” (MS/Daytona Beach News-Journal) ...Cautious: not going into the water at a beach that’s had 11 shark bites in less than a year.

Minor Leaguer Tries the Majors: The Fresno Grizzlies, a Minor League Baseball team in California, take tacos seriously. They once played a game as the “Fresno Tacos” with special uniforms, promoted the ninth annual “Taco Truck Throwdown” this year, and celebrate “Taco Tuesdays” at their games. A recent game included a taco-eating contest. Fan Dana Hutchings, 41, “was eating so fast compared to the other two [contestants],” said another fan, Matthew Boylan. “It was like he’d never eatenbefore. He was just shoving the tacos down his mouth without chewing.” Several minutes into the contest, which was held during game play, Hutchings collapsed. He was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead from apparent choking. Game play never stopped. The Grizzlies said that the contest was not sanctioned by Major League Eating, and thus was not a qualifier for the World Taco Eating Championship that was scheduled during the Taco Truck Throwdown. That Championship has been canceled,but the Taco Truck Throwdown went on as scheduled, with “10,000+ beautiful taco eaters” in attendance. (RC/Fresno Bee) ...Well, 10,000–.

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Leggo, I’m Preggo: Teixeira Sharquila Kiara Williams filled her Walmart cart with 45 items totaling $800. But, authorities say, a loss prevention officer at the Bradenton, Fla., store stopped her on the way out: she hadn’t paid. She left the cart behind and went on to Sam’s Club, where, according to Manatee County, Fla., sheriff’s deputies who confronted her there, she offered two arguments to try to convince them to let her go: one, she “never left the store so she did not stealanything.” And two, “she could not be detained as she was pregnant.” The arguments did not succeed. Williams, 27, was arrested, charged with theft, and released on bond. (AC/Bradenton Herald) ...Good thing she was released: no one needs a jailhouse lawyer like that.

“Most People Mean Well” says a non-profit’s spokeswoman, but “voluntourism” — tourists going to developing countries to “help” — is leading to children being taken away from good homes to “orphanages” for volunteers to “help.” Woman falls asleep in her car, wakes up lying in her driveway — her car was stolen out from under her. Man reports his pickup truck was stolen: police find security video showing the crime, as well as the truck’s owner also committing a felony. Outdoor “cinema”company charges up to $70 to lie on a mattress to watch a movie, but mattresses fly when the wind picks up. Woman doing “extreme yoga” falls off her balcony — and she lives on the sixth floor.... Study finds having children makes people happy ...but only after the kids are grown up and moved out. Florida woman thwarted in discount store robbery: employees fled and locked her in. Florida teacher lobbies for his job back: he was caught mowing his lawn au naturel ...but that’s not illegal inFlorida. Those are the eight stories you missed this week alone by not having a subscription to the full edition. To get them all every week starts at just $9 — what are you waiting for?! See upgrade options here and stop missing most of the stories.

No parking!No Parking: “He told me he’d just wanted to turn around,” said Craig Croteau, a witness in Quincy, Mass. The driver of a dump truck loaded with gravel decided that atwo-storey parking garage was the place to do it. The garage wasn’t engineered for a load that heavy, and the truck broke a seam in the concrete and fell through to the lower level. Police say the unnamed driver was following his GPS navigator, but it had taken him on a “No Trucks Allowed” road, so he was trying to get back to the highway. Buildings attached to the garage were evacuated until a crane could lift the truck out of the hole. Croteau noted that when he checked the driver to see if hewas OK, all the driver wanted was a cigarette, which Croteau provided. (RC/Boston Globe) ...So he has more than one thing to turn around.

Remember, We Need Experts to Tell Us This
‘What’s That Noise?’ Mass Shootings Can Create Culture of Fear, Anxiety, Experts Say
Ann Arbor (Mich.) News headline

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