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13 September 2020: Another Eye-Rolling AdventureCopyright ©2020

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It’s Like It’s Contagious or Something: In July, all 60 residents of the Three Rivers Healthcare Center, a nursing home in Norwich, Conn., were tested for Covid-19. The virus has torn through most nursing homes in the state, but all 60 at Three Rivers came back negative. The day after the test results came in, nurse Mary A. Ciezynski returned from vacation, and came to work even though she wasn’t feeling well — and a supervisor said she had to remind her “repeatedly” to wear a mask, asrequired by state regulations and Three Rivers’ protocols. Sure enough, she later tested positive for Covid and at least 22 residents and 6 of the staff are also infected, including Ciezynski’s mother, and at least four residents have died, including Ciezynski’s mother. Mairead Painter, the state’s Long Term Care Ombudsman, has called for a criminal investigation, since “I do feel that this clearly rises to the level of an elderly abuse issue.” (RC/Hartford Courant) ...Prison for covidiots?That’s a good start.

A Bone to Pick: “We have been casually ignoring a problem that has gotten so out of control,” said Ander Christensen, “that our children are casually throwing around names and words without even understanding their true meaning.” So Christensen, addressing the Lincoln, Neb., City Council, urged them to make the community a national leader in fighting the conceptual plague that is the phrase “boneless chicken wings.” After all, “boneless chicken wings are just chicken tenders, which arealready boneless,” he continued. And “our children are raised being afraid of having bones attached to their meat.” But “that’s where meat comes from.” Christensen made his remarks during a public comment portion of a council meeting, and reports do not mention whether the council — of which Christensen’s father is a member — took any action on the proposed ban. (AC/USA Today, Lincoln Journal Star) ...They’ll get to it after they deal with all the meatier issues.

No Sale: A Taco Bell in Oklahoma City, Okla., called police when a man drove up to the drive-thru window to get his order, and was clearly not wearing any clothes. After getting his food, he ordered another taco and waited at the window. Then he asked for more sauce. Then extra napkins. After leaving, he swung through again asking for still more sauce. When officers arrived, they asked Christopher Sale, 61, what he was doing there. He was hungry, he said. Why no clothes? They were all“in the wash.” He was arrested, charged with indecent exposure, and booked into jail. (RC/KOKH Oklahoma City) ...Huh: you’d think he’d be so heavily sauced they could arrest him for DUI.

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Trexler wraslin' the gator.Wrangler: A woman in Winter Haven, Fla., called 911: “My husband went to the storage garage and there was an alligator locked in there,”she reported. “He says it’s big, he says it’s big.” Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Trexler responded and quickly handled the gator, taking time to get a couple pictures that the sheriff’s office shared on their Twitter account. “He came...he saw...he conquered the beast. He even knocked the wind out of it. Literally. The gator turned out to be a pool floatie.” (MS/WKMG Orlando) ...The sheriff also revealed how Trexler knew it was a gator, not a crocodile: “this one said ‘see you later’instead of ‘in a while’.”

Eight More Stories: It’s surprising who is getting coronavirus relief checks from the U.S. government. Murderer tries to convince judge he is a “decent guy.” Florida Man converses freely with police until he realizes he’ll be arrested, and then: “I don’t speak English.” Sheriff’s deputy has to shoo a goat out of her patrol car: it was eating her paperwork. Prosecutors rule it’s not criminal slander to call someone a “covidiot.” National League pitcher benched for injury: he hurt thefingernail while putting on his pants. Florida Man commits home invasion robbery ...over a pair of shoes?! Would-be restaurant owner spends thousands jumping through bureaucratic hoops only to get denied for a mind-numbing reason. You don’t have to miss most of the stories! Upgrades start at just $9: see your upgrade options here.

Extreme Suffrage: When a woman arrived at a polling place in Exeter, N.H., to vote in the recent primary election, an election official told her she could not come in wearing an anti-Trump T-shirt. After arguing for a bit, the woman took it off; she had nothing on underneath. Moderator Paul Scafidi let her vote topless. After casting her ballot, she put her shirt back on and left. “If she felt it was her right, more power to her,” Scafidi said, adding he could have had her ejected fromthe polling place, but “I didn’t want to exacerbate” the situation. (RC/Exeter News-Letter) ...Don’t exacerbate: you could go blind.

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Americans Can’t Stop Shoving Pizza into Their Faces
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Ten Years Ago in True: maybe the Florida Man should declare, I’m in Love With My Car, since that would make more sense. That one won the coin flip: I also really like the tagline on another from that week, Woo Woo!

The Latest True Stella Awards case re-post, Mobius Logic. (Monday’s was one of the most classic cases of the series: If the Name Fits.)

This Week’s Randy’s Random: The Other Opposite Sex, which is the follow-on to last week’s The Opposite Sex.

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