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Podcast 008: A Little Bit Brighter

In This Episode: A “new” term is introduced to be the contrast to “obliviot” — and something else really bright (or is that dim?) from Real Life this week. We discuss the attached story about Jimmy McCoy of Oklahoma City, Okla., which leads this week’s newsletter. (Click to see larger.) Jump To… Show Notes How […]

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Walmart Hostage Situation

A tagline on a story this week was designed to provoke. I even talked about the tagline and said it was to provoke. Yet it still brought complaints and “disagreement” — even though it’s impossible to agree or disagree with my thoughts, since the tag didn’t reveal my thoughts. But I still made a huge […]

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Fair, or Unfair?

A story — or, really, the tagline on that story — by Mike Straw brought some bristling feedback. “Unfair!” But was it? Let’s start with the story, from the 18 November 2012 issue: (more…)

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What Nightmares Are Made Of

The first and last stories from this week’s issue (7 October 12) are posted here: the first because you’ve got to shudder at the thought of the poor kid trying to escape a kidnap attempt …when you see the guy’s mug shot. And the last because I want to talk about how the tagline came […]

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It’s another story that absolutely demands the accompanying illustration — in this case, a mug shot. But trust me: read the story first! It’s from True‘s 20 November 2011 issue: (more…)

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Seeing Red

Another story where you just have to see the accompanying photo — an instant classic! (Warning: It looks a bit intense, but it’s fake: the woman is not only not dead, she’s not at all injured.) (more…)

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This is True List Break-in

From True‘s 17 October 2010 issue. On the whole, This is True readers are a pretty technically savvy bunch: many of you use “tracking” email addresses — addresses which readers have used only to subscribe to my newsletter(s) — and I’ve had a number of reports this week from readers who have received spam to […]

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Smooth Move, Megan

This is a study of contrasts: this story was so good that I ran it both in This is True and in the now-defunct Mug Shot Museum. First, the True treatment, from the 7 March 2010 issue: (more…)

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