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The Biggest Mistake People Make Online

The threat from criminals online continues to grow. It’s not just “hackers” but actual criminal activity, backed by organized crime, and perhaps even some governments. They want your passwords, especially for bank and other financial accounts, so they can drain them for you, and they use some pretty tricky and often sophisticated means to get […]

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Crash Boom Bang

I’ve been using computers for many, many years now, and finally had something happen to me that has never happened before: a disk crash. It happened yesterday. “But you have backups, right?” you might wonder. But of course! I back up to a network disk system every night. And that’s what crashed: my backup disk! […]

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Twitter: Why You Should Care

Chris in Washington asks: Randy: you’ve mentioned Twitter a couple of times, and I see you have a link on TRUE’s home page to your Twitter page. I’ve looked at Twitter a couple of times, and I just don’t get it. Do people really care that their friends (or favorite celebrities) are “Waking up to […]

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Identity Theft: Protect Yourself

or, They Really Are Out To Get You I’ve been warning about spam in True since 1996 — ten long years. My warnings have been summarized in my Spam Primer, which is now on its own site. As I predicted more than 10 years ago, it’s gotten worse — much worse. And the stakes are […]

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Dell Hell

A Few Reader Horror Stories Updates: A Happy Ending? Conclusion — and Lessons Learned I’ve recommended Dell computers for many years. But my confidence in them was shaken when I got a new laptop in Fall 2004, and I ended up in “Dell Hell”. As you might expect, I run my computers pretty hard since […]

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Why oh Why2K?

or, Ponderings on the New Millennium “I would like to take you seriously, but to do so would affront your intelligence.” –William F. Buckley, conservative newspaper columnist. It all started as a bit of musing in my author’s note in the first issue of the year 2000. Then, the more comments from readers I published, […]

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Secret Identity

It took a while, but I’ve finally started to get the question from readers: “Are you the same Randy Cassingham that wrote the book on the Dvorak keyboard?” Yes — surely one Randy Cassingham in the world is enough. (more…)

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