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Podcast 024: A Second Opinion

In This Episode: A very different kind of episode: we talk about a story that’s not from the newsletter, but rather one that’s too long and complex to be shortened to 100ish words plus a pithy tagline. It’s an amazing story of hope and renewal that’s perfect for the New Year. Show Page:

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Podcast 023: It’s Tough to Find a Hero

In This Episode: It’s really fun to find patterns in weird news stories: Randy gives a couple of “paired” examples. But really: people have to turn to weeds and rocks as “heroes”?! Certainly “celebrities” and national leaders aren’t worthy of being looked up to these days. Yet another entry in the No Longer Weird file, and a fun Easter Egg at the end. Show Page:

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Podcast 009: We Need Better Heroes

In This Episode: When the people in charge fail our kids. And what, really, is the lesson kids learn when sports gets high priority, but the things that they’re actually in school to learn are cut? There’s a direct connection to this week’s Honorary Unsubscribe here, and we delve into both the school story, and that “awe-inspiring” Honorary Unsubscribe. Show Notes:

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Podcast 006: The Best of Humanity

In This Episode: While the stories in This is True usually point out the pitfalls of not thinking (or “obliviots doing stupid things”), the Honorary Unsubscribe holds up the best of humanity. This episode not only features a interesting example, but adds some extra details and commentary. Show Notes:

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Everyday Heroism

The Feel-Good Story of the Week comes out of Colorado. It starts, however, in tragedy: a family — a man, woman, and four kids — rolled their car over in Brighton, which is northeast of Denver, along Interstate 76. The father of the family was killed. I know, this doesn’t sound too feel-good, but stay with me. (more…)

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A Friend in Need

Not quite three weeks ago (Wednesday, April 9, the day before my birthday), Kit and I stopped by the local hospital to visit a friend. James, a fellow medic, and sometimes firefighter, was also from California, evidenced by his online handle, “FFEMT1A” (a California designation: Firefighter-Emergency Medical Technician-1A; I was a plain old EMT-1A myself at first, the A designating Ambulance duty certification, which added some elements beyond the non-transporting FF designation. He had both, and was extremely proud that […]

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Your TV Wants to Control You

Just how clueless is Hollywood? Very. It’s bad enough that they try to jam crap down our throats all the time, but they also demand that you sit and watch that commercial for “Tide” detergent — all 26 times it runs tonight. Why, it’s in your contract! Didn’t you read the fine print before you signed? From True‘s 19 May 2002 issue: (more…)

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ZT Madness is Spreading!

You might think “Zero Tolerance” is a playground issue — just a way for school administrators to deal with violent kids. If you did, you would be wrong. ZT is a mindset of black-and-white rules applied to a gray world. “We tolerate no disobedience on the topic of [fill in the blank].” Thus, a “no guns” policy meant to keep firearms off school grounds (a laudable goal) gets applied to “squirt guns” (a silly result) — or even crude crayon […]

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One Small Step for [a] Man

It was 30 years ago Tuesday that Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong piloted the Eagle — the first manned lunar-landing spacecraft — to the surface of the moon. He had to land manually, as the onboard computer couldn’t process instructions fast enough as they sped toward a field of boulders; landing on them would have surely meant death. But he settled down with less than 30 seconds of fuel remaining and, after a few hours of rest, stepped onto the […]

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