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When “Reporting” Just Isn’t Enough

I’m taking a quick break from writing the stories for this week’s issue to tell you why I’m rejecting a story, even though it’s mind-boggling in its implication. The story’s lead (or, as they say in the news biz, “lede”) paragraph: “The driver of a Department of Transportation snow plow was charged Monday with driving while intoxicated when he struck two vehicles while clearing snow in Morris County [N.J.], police said.” The “amusing” part, which is why the story was […]

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Podcast 015: That’s Legal Now

In This Episode: A complaint about last week’s featured story, which leads to why prices online end in “77” (vs “.99” offline), another segment of No Longer Weird, and how to be so stupid you can get busted for possession of marijuana in Colorado — where pot is legal! Plus: why Uncommon Sense doesn’t have “sponsors”. Show Notes:

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How High is Too High?

Often, a photograph really completes a This is True story. This time, it’s another little snippet of media. Let’s start with the story, from True‘s 11 October 2015 issue: (more…)

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Bonfire of the Gravities

I don’t tell many stories about the ambulance calls I run on as a volunteer medic here in rural Ouray County, Colorado, but this one is worth telling. At 12:51 a.m. this past Saturday morning, my pager went off for an injured 16-year-old female, just a few miles from my house. It was in an odd location for a middle-of-the-night rescue, and as my wife and I got dressed, I was a bit confused. (more…)

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Smooth Move, Megan

This is a study of contrasts: this story was so good that I ran it both in This is True and in the now-defunct Mug Shot Museum. First, the True treatment, from the 7 March 2010 issue: (more…)

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Udderly Ridiculous Photo

Sometimes the photo that goes with a story is funnier than the story. Sometimes the story is pretty good all by itself. This one, from the 19 October 2008 issue, is a toss-up: I’m not sure which part is funnier. First, the story: (more…)

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ZT v. Savana Redding: a Court Decision

A tremendous number of zero tolerance stories pass in front of me as I search for stories for True, and (contrary to what some readers think) I pass by most of them. I’ve previously encouraged those who are truly wronged by ZT to consider suing their schools. The family of Savana Redding, who was 13 when she was ZTd on October 8, 2003, did just that, suing the school district and school officials with the help of the American Civil […]

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Kumari Fulbright Mugshot

Stories in True can almost always stand on their own, without illustration. But now and then, a photo really adds to the story. In the case of a so-called “beauty queen” law student who allegedly committed a major crime, it is definitely enhanced by a couple of photos. First, the story, from the 6 January 2008 issue. (Trust me: Scroll down slowly! Read the story first, then scroll down to see the first picture, and then go down to see […]

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War on Drugs

I fully expect to be called “anti-police” for the lead story this week. One doesn’t have to be “anti” anything to decry stupidity, or even to call to task organizations you fully support when they do something wrong. Here’s the story, from True‘s 17 December 2006 issue: (more…)

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