How High is Too High?

Often, a photograph really completes a This is True story. This time, it’s another little snippet of media. Let’s start with the story, from True’s 11 October 2015 issue:

Snack Attack

A man in Austintown, Ohio, called 911 for help. The problem: he was “too high” on “weed.” Police were sent to back up the ambulance crew, and an officer found the 22-year-old unnamed man “on the floor in the fetal position.” The officer was pretty sure it was the right guy: the man was “surrounded by a plethora of Doritos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, and Chips Ahoy cookies,” his report noted. Police confiscated his marijuana and paraphernalia. Despite saying he couldn’t feel his hands, the man declined medical care, and police declined to charge him with any crime. (RC/Youngstown Vindicator) …How high is too high? When the cops feel so sorry for you they leave you be.

Tostitos 'Hint of Cocaine' flavor
Snack Food of Choice? OK, it’s unlikely that this was one of his snack choices, though they could have explained why he couldn’t feel his hands….

Here’s the recording of the man’s 911 call (52 seconds):

Too High 911 Call

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1 Comment on “How High is Too High?

  1. This happens very seldom with This Is True stories, but I actually felt sorry for the guy once I heard the recording. Of course it’s still silly to call 911 on yourself, but he seemed genuinely sad, scared and ashamed in that call.

    Substance abuse is often so much more than just “wanting to get high”, frequently a reflex or symptom of deeper damage and chronic conditions. I do hope he manages to get help.

    Your reaction is similar to mine, then — as noted in the unusual tagline. -rc


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