Weird News Video #34 — Booze Meets Stupid

Episode #34: “Booze Meets Stupid”, from True’s 25 January 2009 issue.

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Booze Meets Stupid

Ryan Brinkerhoff, 24, captioned a photo of himself on his MySpace page as “Raving. Mohawk. Lunatic.” A video there shows him spitting alcohol into a flame. While “horribly intoxicated,” Brinkerhoff “staggered” into an elevator in Building 7 of New York’s World Trade Center just after 3:00 a.m. and ended up lost in the building. He found a freight elevator on the 40th floor, but he needed an authorized fingerprint scan to operate it, so he allegedly set fire to the elevator to summon help. Sure enough, fire alarms sounded — and his elevator automatically returned to the ground floor. Brinkerhoff, a commodities broker from Chicago, then “stumbled into the arms of waiting police.” He was charged with felony arson, and was “laughing and grinning” as he was led away in handcuffs. (New York Daily News) …“Raving. Mohawk. Lunatic.” plus “Blazing. Alcoholic. Moron.” equals “Trial. Convicted. Prison.”

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