Weird News Video #35 — Keystone Criminals

Episode #35: “Keystone Criminals”, from True’s 1 February 2009 issue.

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Keystone Criminals

Regan Reti, 20, and Tiranara White, 21, had each finished court appearances in Hastings, New Zealand, when officers led them out to return them to jail — handcuffed to each other. That’s when “they made a bolt for freedom,” said Hastings police Senior Sgt. Dave Greig. “They fell over and they were sprayed with pepper spray. But they got up and ran out of the court onto the street, across the road to a car park.” The dullard duo were outpacing the officers, but “that’s where they met the pole,” Greig said — a lamp post. Reti went to one side and White to the other, and “it was all over, rover.” Once back in custody, each blamed the other for going to the wrong side. Both were charged with attempting to escape custody. (Wellington Dominion Post, AP) …They were doomed from the start: bad guys are always on the wrong side.

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8 Comments on “Weird News Video #35 — Keystone Criminals

  1. Randy, saw this video earlier, had no idea of the story behind it. Much funnier when you know the Paul Harvey 🙂

    Oh, and the payoff is at the end. You always have handcuffs laying around? 🙂

    Actually, I do have a pair from my sheriff’s deputy days — but I couldn’t find them! I borrowed that pair from a friend. The amazing part: I had bowling pins! 🙂 -rc

  2. I especially liked the re-creation.

    What is the awesome building you were standing in when you videotaped the comments?

    I wasn’t in there when I taped, but I did take the photo. It’s noted in the credits: it’s the U.S. Library of Congress. -rc

  3. I’ve seen similar video from Canada on one of the reality cop shows, except that one involved THREE rocket scientists cuffed together–with the same result.

  4. I certainly wasn’t expecting the bowling pins bit, but that was funny and quirky – two things I can always count on from This is True! 😛

  5. I laughed so hard, My back went out! Happily though, it came right back. Great work Randy, I really appreciate the “Don’t Try This At Home” warning, that kills! Or to quote Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”


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