Weird News Video #35 — Keystone Criminals

Episode #35: “Keystone Criminals” from True’s 1 February 2009 issue.

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You can comment on this video below. (Be sure to watch this one all the way to the end!)

8 Comments on “Weird News Video #35 — Keystone Criminals

  1. Randy, saw this video earlier, had no idea of the story behind it. Much funnier when you know the Paul Harvey 🙂

    Oh, and the payoff is at the end. You always have handcuffs laying around? 🙂

    Actually, I do have a pair from my sheriff’s deputy days — but I couldn’t find them! I borrowed that pair from a friend. The amazing part: I had bowling pins! 🙂 -rc

  2. I especially liked the re-creation.

    What is the awesome building you were standing in when you videotaped the comments?

    I wasn’t in there when I taped, but I did take the photo. It’s noted in the credits: it’s the U.S. Library of Congress. -rc

  3. I’ve seen similar video from Canada on one of the reality cop shows, except that one involved THREE rocket scientists cuffed together–with the same result.

  4. I certainly wasn’t expecting the bowling pins bit, but that was funny and quirky – two things I can always count on from This is True! 😛

  5. I laughed so hard, My back went out! Happily though, it came right back. Great work Randy, I really appreciate the “Don’t Try This At Home” warning, that kills! Or to quote Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”


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